ploughman's lunch

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a meal consisting of a sandwich of bread and cheese and a salad

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Leading cheddar brand Pilgrims Choice has redesigned the Ploughman's Lunch to make it the ideal lunch for the average "ploughman" of today.
This summer the company launched a marketing drive centred on the creation of a 21st century ploughman's lunch dubbed the Plough-on Lunch, providing a balanced meal for busy desk diners.
Q I recently had a ploughman's lunch and the cheese had seeds and a dressing on it.
Don't miss the weekend ploughman's lunch (a cheese and fruit plate) on the deck--the views are spectacular.
The film The Ploughman's Lunch (produced by Simon Relph and Anne Scott for Greenpoint Films Ltd.
Eyre won a BAFTA TV Award for Best Single Drama for "Tumblewood" and the Evening Standard British Film Award for THE PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH.
The Brasserie offers bistro-style classics such as the Rockliffe Burger and Yorkshire Dales' Chump of Lamb, as well as a range of healthier options, including salads, soups and grilled fish dishes, while the Clubhouse specialises in gastro-pub comfort food, including Ploughman's Lunch, steaks, toasted sandwiches and Sunday roasts, as well as an all-day menu.
Or in the lively Golden Lion pub they serve bangers and mash, cottage pie, fish and chips or a ploughman's lunch.
Pupils at Ysgol Mair in Rhyl were served salad, jacket potatoes and a ploughman's lunch yesterday - inspired by TV's Flower Pot Men.
You'd be surprised how many business deals have been blown because someone ordered a liquidised ploughman's lunch.
Well, I say a ploughman's lunch - it's actually those wee snack-sized bags (located between the salted nuts and Mini Cheddars) that contain two crackers, a wee daud of cheese and a couple of pickled onions.
I thought it went well with apple and imagine it would be good on a cheese board with fruit or as part of a ploughman's lunch.
Film credits include "Congo," "Muppet Treasure Island," "The Shadow," "The Three Musketeers," "Home Alone II," "The Hunt for Red October," "Clue," "Legend," "The Ploughman's Lunch," "Annie" and "The Shout.
There are also sections providing up to date market information, details of cheese consumption, and expert advice for the pub and catering trade on how to create the perfect Ploughman's lunch and cheeseboard.
She starred opposite Jonathon Pryce and Tim Curry in the award-winning film The Ploughman's Lunch, has worked in theatre, both fringe and West End, performed radio comedy with Eric Idle, and co-founded and performed at the Soho comedy venue The Hurricane Club for six years.