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arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops

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Send questions to Sharon Waugh, West Yorkshire Police Authority, Ploughland House, 62 George St, Wakefield or email: sw1@wypa.
In the mid-sixteenth century, Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, subsequently burnt at the stake at Oxford, complained in a sermon before the boy King Edward VI of the effects of landlords attempting to increase the cash yield of their property: enclosures of ploughland to provide grazing for sheep meant that 'where as have been a great many householders and inhabitants there is now but a shepherd and his dog'; and as for increase in rents.
uk, phone 01924 294000 or write to the Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Administrator, West Yorkshire Police Authority, Ploughland House, 62 George Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DL.
Mother they write poems O Mother, how much most alien of ploughland bears your fruit
If you are over 21, live or work within West Yorkshire, apply by contacting Catherine Archer, Executive Director, West Yorkshire Police Authority, Ploughland House, 62, George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DL.
Now we see only the massive ploughlands and the marks of the plough across our patient tomb.
Two farms - Low Ploughlands and Brackenhurst Home Farm - were identified as examples of best practice for other farms to follow.
Many years ago you converted your ploughlands into pasture: that did a bad turn to your country, which you depopulated in the process.
It reminds me of the many pictures I have seen of Russian tractors on Zambian ploughlands, or locomotive units derailed and left to rot, on Tanzanian railway lines.
The same can be said about Lagedi (23 ploughlands and a relatively small number of grave goods dispersed in several earlier stone graves or found as isolated finds nearby) and Saha (12 ploughlands and a small flat cemetery with inhumations in pit graves near the chapel on the Chapel Hill2), while no cemeteries have been discovered at Ulejoe (16), Maardu (12), and some other places of smaller size.
Heifers: Charolais PS545 (x2) East Newbiggin, PS370, PS350 Forest Farm, British Blue PS485, PS390 Dearham Hall, PS450 Town Head Farm, PS450, PS400 (x2) Skelton Wood End, PS450, PS425, PS385, PS380 Pelutho Grange, PS440 Broomhills, PS425 Low Ploughlands, PS400 High Pow, PS380 Whitelaird, PS365 Bowbridge, Aberdeen Angus PS485 Smalmstown Farm, PS380 Dearham Hall, PS295, PS275 (x2), PS260 Hill House, PS285 Bleaberry Rigg, PS280 Town Foot Farm, PS250 Grains Farm, Hereford PS275 North Churchlands, Limousin PS470, PS440 Slealands Burn, PS445 Beeches, PS435, PS360 Balladoyle Farm, PS420 Newbiggin, PS370 Townfoot farm, Simmental PS265, PS260, PS250, PS245 Colby Laithes.
An army marching down a muddy road would not be deterred by an enemy road-block because it would get hardly any muddier if it marched cross-country to get round the enemy positions; a much larger army, loaded in railway wagons, would be considerably delayed if it had to detrain and march with all its equipment fifty miles across ploughlands to the next railway line.
Leading prices: Bulls: Belgian Blue pounds 435, pounds 395, pounds 370, pounds 290 Fordsyke, pounds 370 (x2) Arnold House, pounds 340 Skiddaw View, pounds 315 High Ploughlands, pounds 295 School Hill Farm, pounds 280 (x4) Moss Side House, pounds 280 Townhead, Simmental pounds 422 Midtown Farm, Limousin pounds 370 Crawfordjohnmill, pounds 335 (x6) Wetherhill, Friesian pounds 300 Thackthwaite Hall, Aberdeen Angus pounds 270 Thackthwaite Hall, pounds 235 12 Howden Road, Saler pounds 258 (x2) Plumpton Old Hall, Hereford pounds 255 Skiddaw View, Holstein pounds 250 (x6) Wood Farm, Charolais pounds 200 (x4) Grassgarth End.
Leading prices: Bulls: Aberdeen Angus pounds 230 Middle Bank End Farm, pounds 88, pounds 72, pounds 70 Keysmount, Limousin pounds 235 Lane End, pounds 232, pounds 220, pounds 150 Byegill Farm, pounds 220, pounds 200 Crookdake House, Belgian Blue pounds 225, pounds 205 Low Greenside, pounds 200 Byegill Farm, pounds 180 Gaitsgill Hall Farm, pounds 175 Burton House Farm, pounds 172 Cumdivock House, pounds 170 Stone Flatts, pounds 162 Bow Bridge, pounds 160 Nook House Farm, pounds 158 Ladywells, pounds 150, pounds 130 Esplands Hill, pounds 145 Meinbank, pounds 130 Lamonby Hall, pounds 125 Helm Farm, Simmental pounds 155 Gerrard House, Holstein Friesian pounds 92 Gaitsgill Hall Farm, pounds 75 Ladywells, pounds 72 Crossfell House Farm, pounds 72 High Ploughlands.
51, 1650, CJ & VM Gillespie, High Ploughlands, Kirkbampton, Carlisle.