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a boy who leads the animals that draw a plow


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In the first, a soldier sets about corrupting a ploughboy but ends up skewered for his pains.
The Merry Ploughboys were on form and so were we - it's amazing how many songs you can remember when the mood is right.
The whistle of the ploughboy in the lane is heard no more.
With little schooling but greatly self-taught, Clare worked around Helpston as a thresher with his father, as ploughboy, or potboy in an inn, or weeding, tending horses, gardening, shoemaking, lime-burning.
1 with The Merry Ploughboy giving him one of his biggest ever hits.
there was shameless perjury, courtly corruption, calumny of the dead who did their duty according to their lights, cowardly evasion of the issue, testimony made of idle tales that could not impose on a ploughboy.
My grandfather was a ploughboy at age eight, while my grandmother was 'in service' on a pittance from 13.
He was a Gloucestershire man and he wrote as he would speak to the ploughboy, using the term 'lover' for 'friend', still much in use in the West Country.
Henri, with an instrument, into the knobbed legs or clubfeet of tables, an eighteenth-century ploughboy sinks for lunch his ivory teeth into the apple's flesh and chomps a mouthful out of it -"clock.
The report also includes news from the following innovative companies and organisations: Abbyson Comfort, Brentano, FR Safety Yarns, the Hohenstein Institute, Invista, Lenzing, Mermet, Mitsa, Ohea, Ploughboy Organics, Refinity, Reutlingen University, Rokona Textilwerk, Sanitized, Texas A&M University and the University of Brighton.
107) The 'extra' verses--there are six stanzas in the song as Sharp collected it from John Dingle in 1905--draw attention away from the ploughboy relishing the joys of nature to focus rather on the joys of going to the fair in mixed company and having sex.
Irish Explorer Tour - This 10-day escorted coach tour features a splendid selection of superior first class hotels in Dublin, Donegal, Galway and Killarney, with remarkable experiences such as a dinner with traditional entertainment at the famed Merry Ploughboy Pub; visits to the 5,000-year-old Boyne Valley Neolithic Tombs and the Slieve League Sea Cliffs, a catamaran cruise of Killary Fjord, sheepdog trials on a Ring of Kerry Tour, a wonderful Clontarf Castle stay and so much more.
1) For at least forty years, The Forest Rose held the boards and provided a number of actors with a star vehicle for its Yankee part, Jonathan Ploughboy.
The Fox and Hounds Hotel at Eggesford in mid-Devon is holding Ploughboy Traditional Jazz evenings on September 26, October 31, November 28 and Christmas Eve.
The report includes news from the following innovative companies and organisations: Autonomy Corporation, Bioalloy, Dassault Systemes, the Hohenstein Institute, Julien Fournie, Marks & Spencer (M&S), Nilit, Ploughboy Organics, RadiciGroup, Refinity, Ritex, Tesco, Texas A&M University, and Wrangler.