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the plot of a book or play or film


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Watchdog Ofcom said it had received 390 complaints across the two episodes featuring the murder plotline, which it is assessing.
The current plotline has Deirdre visiting a friend in southern England, but the source said: "That couldn't go on for ever.
The contribution of Venice to English genes is as limited as Ms Beebi's ability to follow a plotline.
CORONATION Street star Craig Charles returned to work this week - to film a plotline which sees his character Lloyd go head-tohead with Steve McDonald.
Add three of Hollywood's A-listers to a perfectly plausible good old rom-com plotline, and she knows she's on to a winner.
It is thought those who gave away the plot had been to a preview screening but had been specifically asked not to blow the plotline.
The article shows how all three books follow a simple plotline, ending optimistically with the possibility of these children's integration within American society.
The trailer looks promising - no comedy accents or potentially offensive scenarios - and with Djalili in the lead role (rather than an Asian actor), it's a reasonably believable plotline.
a Jordan is deemed so socially important that a new Coronation Street plotline features one of the characters wanting to emulate her.
Feel free to share your thoughts on what'd make a great -- or serviceable, or even stupid -- plotline for the upcoming season.
Just wait: This will turn up as the plotline in an upcoming episode of CSI.
Filmed in Miami, the Telemundo show features the usual array of soap opera intrigue, love and betrayal, with a plotline about a man and woman from feuding Napa wine families who fall in love.
The story of what happens to their parents, Isabel and Robert, before and after this event is the underlying plotline of this book, although most of the action takes place in the present.
Locating and mapping the human unconscious was a primary plotline within the braided narratives of modernism, and it fell to the Surrealist painters to represent the inchoate structures and unverbalized agendas of this newly explored dark continent.