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the plot of a book or play or film


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Recently, producers have been dipping into the vast well of videogames, as a source for their film plot lines.
When coupled with a subtle plot line it makes for a powerful production.
With no toe shoes worth mentioning and no tidy plot line, Cruel Garden offers instead a homosexual hero moving through a tapestry of dreams to whispered poems and rasping songs.
Containing elements seemingly ripped from a best-selling novel, featuring a plot line filled with politics, morality, science fiction and the very beginning of life itself, the furor, specifically regarding embryonic stem cell research (thought to be the most promising, but in which embryos are destroyed during research), is not likely to dissipate anytime soon.
It is difficult to engage with any of the characters, and for a sparsely written book, it is hard to decipher which plot line and which details are meant to be important.
Revealingly, ``Scoop'' is close cousin to ``Match Point,'' revisiting the same locale (London), the same basic plot line (passion-fueled murder affects the lives of high-heeled Brits) and the same leading lady (Scarlett Johansson).
This simple plot line is much enlivened by its historical context and Shakespeare's first-person narration.
While the conflict between the Mannings is drawn from Nigel Balchin's 1951 source novel ``A Way Through the Woods,'' Fellowes has shrewdly added a crime mystery plot line that not only takes the drama out of plushly appointed parlors (figuratively, anyway; this movie is almost all talk, spoken from the cold comfort of very expensive furniture) into darker existential territory.
Readers unfamiliar with Hamlet may be confused by the many references to the play, but the main plot line will hold their interest.
Episode three's plot line involving a bra moves away from its predictability.
In the cemetery plot line, Solomon tries to make sense of what is happening.
Still, the movie, with its let's-make-Penelope-Cruz-ugly-then-rape-her plot line (her character's response: consuming, cosmically forgiving love), looked like a misogynistic wish dream to me.
Well, the main plot line in ``Be Cool'' involves a Dairy Queen girl named Linda Moon (Christina Milian) who sings like an ``American Idol'' contestant and aspires to be a Recording Star.
She succeeds in conveying the depth of passion felt on both sides of the issues, and at the end manages an ironic twist to the plot line.