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a component or element of the plot of a story

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Writer-director Mamet spends the first hour carefully putting each plot element into place and then gleefully layers on twists and reversals - some ingenious, others incongruous - until the movie ultimately expends itself in foolishness.
Religion is of central importance in Kellerman's books; the Orthodox Judaism of Decker and his wife is always a plot element.
Laffer "Zoolander" was nixed due to a plot element about an attempt to kill the Malaysian prime minister.
And while there are jump scares and lots of uneasy moments, the outrageousness of several plot elements mean fans of truly terrifying horror may be left feeling a little disappointed.
The major plot elements in the story come to fruition just as the reader expects--but the subtle nuances of self-discovery and love sneak up on the reader and evoke genuine emotion.
The melding and intertwining of separate storylines and plot elements allude to a powerful narrative conclusion at the series' end.
The basic plot elements are scripted, then the cast improvise the dialogue.
Nguyen juggles plot elements with remarkable ease, delivering a masterfully crafted debut that explores the legacy of war and the weight of loyalty.
The quality of particular essays varies widely, depending mostly on the effort and ambition of individual authors, as there appears to have been little editorial intervention: some essays barely mention Woolf, others do extensive close readings, while still others mostly compare plot elements.
For example, he starts the movie with the soundtrack as a heavy presence, as he introduces various plot elements.
com/avengers-2-black-panther-origin-easter-eggs-klaw-wakanda-vibranium/) Screen Rant , the latest promo video hints at "Black Panther-related plot elements that will be featured in the film.
In addition, some plot elements make the character too unrealistically dreamy and ditzy to be taken seriously as a person who's "worth" viewers' empathy and concern:
However, other plot elements of the two novels are different.
Bourne kindly projected key plot elements and dates onto the curtain at regular intervals, which added to the traditional "storybook"-style experience.
In this reprint from 1986, Pitts, a freelance writer and author of books on entertainment, presents a listing of 4,189 feature film westerns in television, 16mm, 8mm and Super 8mm film, videocassette, and videodisc formats, including shoot-em-up films, northwoods dramas, south-of-the-border action, frontier sagas, and foreign films that deal with the American frontier or have plot elements indigenous to the Western.