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a component or element of the plot of a story

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Parents and children know that movies are meant to entertain and seldom portray real-life, but this plot element could inspire children who see the movie to duplicate this very hazardous activity.
Writer-director Mamet spends the first hour carefully putting each plot element into place and then gleefully layers on twists and reversals - some ingenious, others incongruous - until the movie ultimately expends itself in foolishness.
Someone or something is stalking the player's character and the main plot element involves the player figuring out whom, and more importantly what, keeps killing him.
Religion is of central importance in Kellerman's books; the Orthodox Judaism of Decker and his wife is always a plot element.
Someone or something is stalking the player's character and the main plot element is the player to figure out who, and more importantly what, keeps killing him.
Its central plot elements are derived from Tinayre's film.
They reveal how new plot elements trigger and shape discussions, for example, or how real-world events such as an actor's public appearance at an award ceremony affect viewer sentiment.
For example, he starts the movie with the soundtrack as a heavy presence, as he introduces various plot elements.
com/avengers-2-black-panther-origin-easter-eggs-klaw-wakanda-vibranium/) Screen Rant , the latest promo video hints at "Black Panther-related plot elements that will be featured in the film.
More stories Beyhaqi, not only has a strong plot, but the plot elements of a great start, impermanence, and suspended the development of a coherent and efficient manner in which to be seen;
Noticeably missing from analysis are such obvious invasion films that feature substantial gender-based plot elements as Forbidden Planet, This Island Earth, It
However, other plot elements of the two novels are different.
Bourne kindly projected key plot elements and dates onto the curtain at regular intervals, which added to the traditional "storybook"-style experience.
In this reprint from 1986, Pitts, a freelance writer and author of books on entertainment, presents a listing of 4,189 feature film westerns in television, 16mm, 8mm and Super 8mm film, videocassette, and videodisc formats, including shoot-em-up films, northwoods dramas, south-of-the-border action, frontier sagas, and foreign films that deal with the American frontier or have plot elements indigenous to the Western.
In a close critical analysis of motifs, word usage and plot elements, and drawing on Gadamer and Heidegger, van Niekerk shows how philosophical hermeneutics, postmodernism and this novel are intertexts, "each informing the other in the never-ending hermeneutic circle".