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The remaining Spanish consonant phonemes are the voiceless plosives /p/, /t/ and /k/, the laterals /l/ and /y/, the tap /r/, the trill /r/, the affricate /tf/, and the voiced fricative /[?
Geminate plosives and fricatives occur in Luganda, as shown by Mutaka & Tamanji (2000).
a) plosive bilabial sound /b/ is changed to nasal bilabial /m/
Although there were more boys than girls in the study sample, the girls had better quality of articulation of all groups of examined sounds of Serbian language (vowels, plosives, nasals, laterals, affricates and fricatives) although the difference between the boys and girls was not statistically significant (p>0.
53) Hrabanus has, however, done his readers a further service by expanding his presentation to include consonant groups formed by an s together with a plosive and a liquid (scr, spr, str, etc.
The voiceless plosive consonants MP *p, *t, *k regularly derived in ISP as *p, *t, and *k in all position of the word; beginning, between vowels and at the end of the word.
If the voicing of a plosive starts before the burst such a stop is called pre-voiced or truly voiced stops and the VOT is measured in negative values.
The structure of IijI word medially in the bi-syllabic words with short and long vowels is similar that is the sound following always carries velar plosive /g/ or /k/.
These heavily basilectal lines, with their orthographic elisions and plosive and fricative alliteration, remind readers that dialect verse also requires "wuk"; when Quashie insists that "we dig de row dem eben in a line: McKay is alerting readers to his poetic labor, the labor entailed in putting dialect phrases into fixed verse forms, made of even poetic lines.
To understand details of the influence at vocalic context and to simulate such a phenomenon, the question of the existence of the consonantal target is fundamental: is there for the production of a plosive consonant a spatial articulatory target as proposed for the production of vowels or, if so, then should the task be considered in another manner, for example by the production of a contact between articulators ?
Take, for example, the chapter on Tolkien's Elvish languages, which includes such abstruse linguistic terms as "voiced plosive," "aspirated consonant," and "privative prefix.
Similarly, a stem with an initial voiced bilabial plosive (whether aspirated or unaspirated) with the meaning 'become' (often partly overlapping with the paradigm for 'be') is typical for Shina, whereas an h-based one occurs as the corresponding verb in Kohistani (Baart 1999a, 44, 184, 197; Backstrom and Radloff 1992, 370-400; Bailey 1924, 30, 133, 165-166; Buddruss 1967, 83, 102, 131; S.
According to Vork (1972 : 14), "a word-initial [invariably short] plosive in native Estonian words and in old loanwords is regularly written using the graphemes p, t, k.
Manual and automatic segmentation showed same tendencies for the best segmentation cases also: algorithm and experts were performed well with phoneme transitions: voiceless plosive to nasal, voiceless plosive-vowel.
As seen in all the graphs, in case of plosive phonemes the peak of maximal information is located after the current time of analysis t = 0.