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Synonyms for plosion

the terminal forced release of pressure built up during the occlusive phase of a stop consonant

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The rise of the tab- let is helping to drive this ex- plosion, powering everything from product recommenda- tion to inspiration by way of a highly pleasurable and addic- tive consumer experience.
An und plosion the c bac to nag An underground explosion brought down the coal face on his back and he was told he would never walk again.
English noun implosion is derived from the English verb implode, which means elicit avalanche / plosion inside or demolish / unbuild (a buiding), eliciting avalanche /plosion inside.
Se trata de la ex plosion de las redes sociales como los blogs de personas particulares o de grupos de la sociedad civil.
There will be children's rides in Bond gate, fairground rides in the Market Square tomorrow, and a Culture X plosion music event on Sunday from 1-6pm featuring hip-hop, bangra, indie and pop bands.