plonk down

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drop heavily

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I want to build a slate of things that span the gamut from shows like that--very contained and producible for a certain budget, giving you creative freedom to really push the envelope because you're not asking a broadcaster to plonk down a lot of money--to big, expansive shows that have action, adventure and a bigger budget.
And as we plonk down the plates, we should deliver one of her most memorable lines: "Meatballs to you.
IT'S the place where you stash your magazines and plonk down your skinny latte in between sips, so it''s always a good idea to make sure your coffee table is as stylish as it is functional.
It is not like taking your chances at the cinema, where a big oaf might plonk down next to you to slurp his drink, rustle his bag of sweets and fall asleep, dribbling and snoring the house down.
As many Australians look forward to the Christmas break as a time to put their feet up, go to the beach or plonk down in front of the TV to flick between the Rolex Sydney Hobart and the cricket, these guys will pack their seaboots and set off on one of the most dangerous and thrilling adventures in world sport.