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Synonyms for plonk

the noise of something dropping (as into liquid)

Related Words

set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise

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Plonk Wine Merchants brings consumers an expertly curated collection of premium quality wine from around the globe at affordable prices.
16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Plonk Wine Merchants, an Internet-based wine retailer that specializes in selling top-notch, small-production, and obscure wines from around the globe all under $30 per bottle, just announced the launch of its cutting-edge wine club.
Now you don't have to plonk youself in front of the whole sofa for a whole day - just watch the toss.
The merchants were asked to nominate their pick of the plonk - six to eight of their stores' favorite red and white wine priced at $10 per bottle and less.
It's easy to grow, plonk it in the ground and off it goes, but there are a couple of tricks you need to use.
My mum used to turn the volume up and me and my brothers and my dad would run down stairs and plonk ourselves in front of Coronation Street.
If there is room around Scottie Road to plonk a football stadium, it could have something to do with the fact that the majority of the communities which once lived deep in the inner city, were flung out to the outskirts, courtesy of Liverpool City Corporation, a fact that council chief Bradley would do well to remember, before spouting off about cow sheds and Kirkby.
Over here, dinner guests don't boast loudly: "I've brought the cheapest bottle of plonk I could lay my hands on.
I learnt about the kettle that boils in three seconds and the balls that you plonk in your tumble dryer that reduce drying time by at least 15 minutes.
SHORTLY after coming out of detox, a woman stole cheap plonk.
Forget their 'get-togethers' and the cheap plonk as to why we haven't renewed our season tickets, the answers are crystal clear.
Do you remember when cross channel shopping trips to stock up on cheap plonk and grub were all the rage?
It just demonstrates what simple, uncomplicated creatures men are, how they can't be bothered with choice but they want the easier option that they get at home: just plonk it on the table and they'll eat it.
ITALIAN wine is now more popular with British drinkers than French and US plonk.
Tamsin Mutton-McKnight, general manager at the Sea Life Centre, said: "The penguins don't like him very much but he'll just plonk himself down, watching the fish in the tanks.