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Synonyms for plodder

one who works or toils tirelessly

Synonyms for plodder

someone who walks in a laborious heavy-footed manner

someone who works slowly and monotonously for long hours


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In truth the Magpies deserved a draw for their second-half performance of character but both teams looked what they are - relegation plodders.
So you are then left with no alternative but to force your way into the convoy, which results in the plodders flashing lights, blasting horns and gesticulating wildly.
Hierarchies belong on the racecourse; when racecourse days are done the 55-rated plodder stands equal with the champion as the next phase of their lives beckon.
To base his conspiracy book on when a letter arrived at Downe House and to say that Darwin was not a genius but a plodder, shows how Mr Davies has wasted his "12 years" of research.
These days, his reputation as a middle of the road plodder has more in common with his moniker.
If Juliet was a plodder, Brendan is a marathon champ, racing through topical observations, pausing briefly to down his Guinness.
The one-time plodder has become an impact center, leading the Utes in scoring (16.
Another trade to consider is a buy of the finishing position of Jaco Van Zyl, a plodder who may get outgunned by more powerful sorts on a long, damp layout.
and nicebut-dim plodder Nick Holzherr enquired: "If you were teaching your grandma how to street dance what would be the first moves you'd show her?
TWO plodder centre-backs in City's sde so we go with two plodder centre forwards
Contractor address : Plodder Lane, Edge Fold, Bolton, BL4 0NN
The gameplay is nothing special either and Ali, the hero, is sometimes a bit of a plodder, or else ripping round like Aladdin on methadone.
Usually an explosive horse doesn't have staying power and a horse with stamina is a plodder.
Bhullar, 18th in the HSBC and 22nd in Singapore, appears on the upgrade, while Liang is a one-paced plodder who will be disadvantaged over the first two days by playing in an intimidating threeball with Rory McIlroy and Matteo Manassero.
They have gone for a plodder at the top of the order and it's a very difficult job if you're not absolutely sure of your place.