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someone who plies a trade


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Tools such as the Boomerang braid snips can snip your braid while helping preserve the edge on your plier blades.
This ten-piece set includes the three 6" and 8" tools aforementioned, an 8" Bronze Needle Nose Plier, an 8" Bronze Needle Nose 45* Plier, a 9" Bronze Pincer Plier, and a 10" Bronze Tongue and Grove Plier.
The TK3700 Chainmaille Plier Kit features three specialty pliers that enhance user comfort and control.
The site of bond failure was mostly within the adhesive after debonding with crown remover while it was at enamel adhesive interference after debonding with debonding plier.
CHANNELLOCK HAS BEEN A household name for three-quarters of a century, and the average consumer likely can't separate the brand name from the tongue-and-groove pliers that made the name famous.
Tenders are invited for external circlip plier,internal circlip plier and locking plier
The Xuron 4 in 1 Crimper features three folding stations precisely milled to accept 1 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm tubes, along with a crimping station, while also serving as a chain nose plier for traditional squeezing and bending operations.
The spring-loaded plier is one feature in particular which makes using this tool a cinch.
The new, combination long-nose plier from XURON CORP.
TM] tool is available in two models -- with standard jaws or with needlenose plier jaws.
Minimizing the need for secondary filing, cut wire can then be formed using the Model 488 Round Nose Plier with rounded tips or the Model 489 Combination Tip Plier with one round tip and one flat tip for easy coiling, forming and bending.
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of Tools and accessories Cutting Plier (110mm), Pointed Diagonal Plier (115mm), Flat Nose Plier (127mm), Long Flat Nose Plier (185mm), Heavy Cutting Plier (125mm), qty 10 no
PLIERS belonging to an Army sergeant accused of attempting to murder his wife were used to create a gas leak at his home, a court heard yesterday.
A THUG who threw chilli powder in a man's eyes, sliced his nose with pliers and threatened to cut off his penis has been jailed.
Made of heat-treated high carbon steel, Xuron Precision Pliers are available in 12 different head styles for specialized tasks such as wire bending, forming, holding, positioning, opening split rings, and reaching into confined spaces.