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Synonyms for plication

a line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another

Synonyms for plication

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

the act of folding in parallel folds


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Dorsal plication (DP) was performed using the classic Nesbitt tuck, (1) the 12 o'clock midline plication as described by Baskin, (7) or displacing the neurovascular bundle in the midline and plicating directly the tunica albuginea, according to surgeon preference.
The plication frequency of the enamel in the pre-, postfossettes is low.
Richardson's later conclusions were never published, however, and midline plication and paravaginal repairs have remained the mainstays of bladder prolapse and anterior vaginal wall prolapse.
Diaphragm plication for eventration or paralysis: A review of the literature.
A randomized comparison of tension-free vaginal tape and endopelvic fascia plication in women with genital prolapse and occult stress urinary incontinence.
A total of 68 patients underwent radiofrequency treatment, and 58 underwent full-thickness plication.
Plication proximal section not available; distal marginal folds, one margin reduplicate, the other margin induplicate.
Public awareness of the new rules was boosted by a series of media stories including t of one 12-week-old l whose passport plication was sent k because her graph did not w her left ear.
This is followed by plication of the muscular layer of the prolapsed muscle and coloanal anastomosis.
A spokeswoman for the trust said: "We had a meeting with repres entatives of the nurs ery to discuss the ap plication and were surprised to learn of their objections.
in nine patients but dorsal plication was carried on in one boy.
Round ligament plication prevents immediate post-partum reccurence, keeps the uterus in position, decreases post-operative uterine adhesions, decreases future dysparaeunia.