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Synonyms for plication

a line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another

Synonyms for plication

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

the act of folding in parallel folds


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Prior to this case, successful management was associated with procedures such as capsular repair and plication.
This is the Jones' retractor plication operation, and is generally very successful, provided one has correctly established that the problem was one of lower lid retractor dehiscence in the first place.
A reapproximation of the perineal body (perineorrhaphy) addresses a perineal weakness, while a plication of the rectovaginal fascia (posterior colporrhaphy) repairs a rectocele.
Washington, Mar 11 ( ANI ): Scientists are now offering gastric plication, a novel surgery that folds the stomach into a smaller and more compact size, to patients seeking weight-loss treatment that does not require an implanted device or permanent change to their anatomy.
The magnetic resonance (MRI) scan showed an exophytic mass with disturbance of the plication of the intestinal lumen in the area of the pylorus and the duodenum.
Figure 4 shows the relationship between protocone length multiplied by width verses total plication count for Ashfall Fossil Beds genera.
The autopsy revealed an endoprosthetic proximal stenosis in which the stent was not inserted because of plication.
HMC has just started using a new method of surgically reducing weight called laparoscopic gastric plication.
Gastric plication - a new procedure under gastrectomy - which originated in Iran in 2006, is being done to assist patients with obesity, those with obesity and diabetes, diabetics, those having both obesity with hypertension and obesity with
The medical team at Jaber Al-Ahmad Armed Forces Hospital performed a successful Gastric Laparoscopic Plication for the first time in the Middle East, Kuwait Army said Thursday.
At the same time, significant decreases in "less effective" procedures such as Kelly plication and needle suspensions were observed, with rates dropping below 2% for each in 2006.
The leading leg of the fastener slides over the stylet shaft that transects the tissue plication.
5-3 [micro]M) and the amount of plication B (1 [mirco]M) was maintained constant, a significant decrease in [t.
A quadrangular resection with plication of the posterior annulus was performed following complete excision of the tumor with the involved leaflet segment and chordae.
Other than this mundane ap plication, the impetus for a "hydrogen economy" rests on two shaky stilt legs: "We're running out of oil" and alleged anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming.