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fold into pleats, "Pleat the cloth"


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Miller's notes on the surgery revealed, "the fundus of the stomach, which had been plicated had a very tiny perforation in the right lateral portion of the stomach wrap.
The sac was closed with 2/0 vicryl, transveraslis fascia was plicated and a prolypropylene mesh was used to repair the posterior wall of the inguinal canal.
When a perineorrhaphy is performed, the bulbocavernosus muscles must be identified and plicated in the midline with care so as not to narrow the introitus so significantly that coital activity would be impaired.
But as time passed Heather and her district nursing colleagues ha undergone a huge upgrading their technical skills, giving them the ability to deal with a com plicated caseload of patients ferred by hospitals, GP surgeries, the patients themselves or their relatives.
When interviewed, Gibson told police the operating systems at the branch were com plicated and mistakes were often made.
In The Savages he teams up with Laura Linney as siblings cocooned in their own com plicated lives who are thrown together out of necessity.
Long-term fate of the diaphragm surgically plicated during infancy and early childhood.
In 1954, while on a physics field trip from Ames, Iowa, to Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, my professor, who was driving, spent about 100 miles going on and on about the universe--how fabulous it is, how com plicated and great it is.
Phylogenetic analyses of bamboos using morphological characters are thus often com plicated, and phylogenetic reconstructions based on DNA sequence data are impacted by the apparent base substitution rate slowdown noted in woody bamboos (Gaut et al.
As aircraft turned back to PSAB, a number of unrelated incidents occurred which com plicated a seemingly routine recovery.