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fold into pleats, "Pleat the cloth"


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Now, anyone who has ever filmed on boats will know that it takes ages to set up any shot, let alone a com- plicated stunt.
The nervous system is a mass of very complicated plicated o that time connections but up to that time no one had million-fold magnification.
Strontium and caries: a long and com- plicated relationship.
Her CKD was com plicated by anemia, acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding, chronic 3+ bilateral lower extremity edema, protein calorie malnutrition, metabolic acidosis, and diabetic neuropathy with chronic pain.
Delorme operation is a known method for the treatment of rectal prolapsed in which mucosa of prolapsing segment is removed and rectal muscle wall plicated.
It also demonstrates that pyeloduodenal fistula due to malignancy can be managed by radical or pallia- tive surgery, although in the current case, the com- plicated conditions of the patient were difficult to effectively manage surgically.
The higher end watches are more comA[degrees] plicated in terms of movement.
Its pistillate flowers have six staminodia joined to form a circle, syncarpic, tricarpellary, trilocular gynoecium, one ovule to each locule, synascidiate in the ovary, and plicated above.
We're complicated women playing compb plicated women.
CG is also an important component of Melkerson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) which has plicated tongue and facial palsy as the other components of the triad.
4) According to Brenkman, this idea of nihilism may shed some light on the com plicated relationship of innovation and that most peculiar of literary genres, the novel: "The modern aesthetic imperative to innovate seems to combine two forces .
Sir Richard Branson is a hero of our time, but I would admire him more if his empire didn't consist of companies registered in the Channel Isles and British Virgin Islands and if their accounts were not so comless plicated it is impossible to calculate how much tax he (legally) avoids.
According to the latest research on mandibular function (Gallo et al) we now know that the sagittal path of closure is more com- plicated than a simple hinge movement.
An initial assessment of the psychometric properties of the Com plicated Grief Questionnaire for People with Intellectual Disabilities (CGQ-ID).
As the first layer is plicated from proximal to distal in the midline, the rectocele is obliterated, the longitudinal muscle of the rectum approximated, and distally the internal anal sphincter reconstructed.