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Synonyms for pliancy

Synonyms for pliancy

the property of being pliant and flexible

adaptability of mind or character

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This suggests that loyalty, or at least pliancy, to the central party played a role in their selection.
Many ceramists, both professional and amateur, feel a transcendent physical connectedness with raw clay; its supple plasticity and smooth, uniform density, its fleshy pliancy and skin-like luminosity are almost irresistibly compelling.
Sulfur is important for supporting disulfide bonds between collagen fibrils helping to preserve the pliancy of our skin," said Rodney Benjamin, technical director for Bergstrom Nutrition.
All the intensity of the band is here, with Garbarek's striking keening tone, Jarrett's rich harmonic complexity, Danielsson's pliancy and Christensen's combination of subtle musicality with the ability to create a storm where necessary.
Elin (Ceri Mill) closes this love triangle, bringing a needy pliancy to her scenes with boyfriend Wes and a contrasting assurance in those with Rhys that should show her where to lay her loyalties.
All who fail to show pliancy toward the Velayat-e Faqih, be they persons in Iran or nations like the U.
2 motor is compe tent enough in town it can feel a bit underpowered - and noisy - when you are trying to keep up with the bigger boys hurtling along the A55 It feels more softly set up than the Ibiza and has similar pliancy to a Skoda Fabia, both of which also adopt the VW Group's small car platform.
In fact Henry never had a favourite with that monopoly of advice or patronage that all favourites sought because Henry's easy pliancy allowed him to be advised and persuaded by mere courtiers--by those who, in Sir John Fortescue's words, could not (or should not be allowed to) advise him.
As we careen between wildly incongruous readings and stances, all of which find aid and comfort in the fertile textual soil of Shakespeare, a cumulative effect of suspicious pliancy emerges.
Netanyahu has tried in the past to trade Pollard for pliancy in Middle East peace negotiations, in the hope that the release of the spy would appease conservatives in the Israeli government.
The switchable gearbox and air suspension provide amazing finesse and pliancy and getting the rear end to break away requires the fear threshold of a fool.
But what we wish to underline in the present context is the following: as regards in particular the human world communication converges with the capacity for the unspoken, the unsaid, vagueness, ambiguity, inscrutability, concealment, reticence, allusion, illusion, implication, simulation, imitation, pretence, semantic pliancy, polysemy, polylogism, plurilingualism, alterity--all this presupposes the predominance of iconicity in semiosis and determines the very possibility itself of successful communicative interaction, of successful translative practice.
I put my hand on the point of her hip and could feel all at once the pliancy of it and the meagerness and the newness, too.
There is a sweetness and pliancy about them commonly absent in a feisty, hard-headed male.
Her thoughts instantly legible, she flips between flirtation and neediness, pliancy and power.