pleural space

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the small potential space between the parietal and visceral layers of the pleura

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Conservative treatment involves intercostal tube drainage of the pleural space when the degree of collapse exceeds 2 centimeters on chest roentgenogram or if the patient is symptomatic.
The pleural space is inspected with the index finger and the drain moved forward in the appropriated position, apico-posterior, anchoring it with a skin suture, usually a 'U' stitch with Roman sandal suture pattern.
A novel instrument for the evaluation of the pleural space.
Pneumothoraces may be spontaneous (primary or secondary), iatrogenic/traumatic, or related to gas-forming organisms within the pleural space.
With penetrating chest trauma, the wound allows air to enter the pleural space directly through the chest wall or through the visceral pleura from the tracheobronchial tree.
Surgical resection is most often performed when the disease is confined to the pleural space.
Pneumothorax, or the presence of air in the pleural space, can be a rare complication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.
HCM is often accompanied by fluid accumulation either in the lungs or the pleural space, which is within the chest cavity and surrounds the lungs.
sup][6],[9] Perforation of the vein wall with a guidewire, dilator, or catheter may cause uncontrolled bleeding into the low-pressure pleural space.
It's thought if a bleb ruptures it can allow air to escape into the pleural space.
0 cm destructive tumor involving the posterior-lateral aspect of the left seventh, eighth, and ninth ribs (Figure 1), which appeared to primarily involve the bone, with some adjacent soft tissue invasion, and a soft tissue component bulging into the pleural space (Figure 1(a)).
Even small amounts of free fluid in the pleural space were capable of creating an acoustic window, enabling the assessment of deeper structures, which were usually not typically visualized because the lung was aerated (Figure 2).
When considering an ultrasonography evaluation of the lung, the recommendation is to try to identify the pleura, the pleural space, the diaphragm and the lung parenchyma.
Dullness will be percussed when fluid or solid tissue replaces air or invades the pleural space as with pneumonia, pleura effusion, or tumor.