pleural space

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the small potential space between the parietal and visceral layers of the pleura

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If any portion of the tube projects outside the pleural space distal to the pleural entry site, the entire tube is extrapleural.
The pleural space is normally a subatmospheric pressure environment throughout the entire respiratory cycle.
3) Eosinophilic predominance, defined as the presence of [greater than or equal to]10% eosinophils, carries little diagnostic significance as >30% of these effusions remain undiagnosed, but at times these effusions are caused by air or blood in the pleural space, (3), (6) drug reactions, TB and parasitic infections (Table 7).
Large amounts of fluid can accumulate in the pleural space under pathologic conditions.
Fibrin will grow onto the cuff, securing the catheter in place while creating a barrier between the outside of the chest cavity and the pleural space.
Two different techniques of ITA harvesting were performed: in Group 1 (n=26 pts), the pleural space was left intact (extrapleural takedown group) and in group 2 (n=28 pts), complete incision of the pleura was performed routinely.
on Sunday, January 23, he saw that the tube extended through the trachea and left mainstem bronchus and possibly into the pleural space, between the lung and the chest wall.
5) Indications for surgery include Boerhaave syndrome (esophageal rupture from violent retching), clinically unstable patients with sepsis, contamination of the mediastinum or pleural space, perforation with retained foreign bodies, and failed medical therapy.
The pleural space contains a small volume and a balance of lymphocytes, granulocytes, mesothelial cells and degenerated cells (Yamada, 1993).
Other topics include (for example) stenting of the tracheobronchial tree, photodynamic therapy in the pleural space, and the evaluation and management of obstruction of the central airways.
Cancer with pleural space involvement (pleural effusion) is considered stage IIIB.
These dying cells will release their DNA contents into the pleural space, allowing detection and quantification by the real-time quantitative PCR technique.
Because edema accumulates in dependent areas, the fluid accumulation often seen in the right pleural space of CHF patients may be attributed to their right-sided sleeping position, the investigators said.