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extinct marine reptile with a small head on a long neck a short tail and four paddle-shaped limbs

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The story then sees the characters aiming to prove the existence of the plesiosaur by taking photographs.
These invertebrates were once at the base of the marine food web, providing meals for large vertebrates such as plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs, Andrew explains to our group.
Plesiosaurs were among the first dinosaur fossils discovered by palaeontologists.
A plesiosaur is one of those swimming reptiles which was around at the same time the dinosaurs were rampaging around the earth," he explains.
Plesiosaurs were marine reptiles that became extinct more than 65million years ago.
The book also claims that a Japanese fishing boat pulled up the remains of a plesiosaur in 1977 near New Zealand.
Robin O'Keefe of Marshall University and the museum's Luis Chiappe uncovered the bones of an adult plesiosaur and the remains of a fetus inside her.
Paleontologists are now studying fossils in museum collections around the world to see ff prehistoric versions of these weird creatures also fed on whale falls--or possibly even on aquatic dinosaurs like the plesiosaur.
Thomson includes several examples of misidentifications, including a whale that, in 1834, Richard Harlan thought was a plesiosaur.
The fossilised remains of a Warwickshire sea-dragon, the Wilmcote plesiosaur.
Pliosaurs were a form of plesiosaur, a group of giant aquatic reptiles which lived in the seas at around the same time dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
There are now more than 1,000 people claiming to have witnessed the beast which is reported to measure around fifteen meters long with spikes on its back and appears similar to a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaurus.
Pliosaurs were a short-necked form of plesiosaur, a group of extinct reptiles that inhabited the world's oceans in the age of dinosaurs.
The ancient insect would have lived during the late Cretaceous period, alongside dinosaurs such as the plesiosaur, the tyrannosaurus rex, and other insects such as aphids and grasshoppers.
Computer-generated graphic of a plesiosaur, like the Connemara or Loch Ness Monster' Gary's sketches of a prehistoric creature