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a meeting of a legislative body at which all members are present

an enclosed space in which the air pressure is higher than outside

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Another draft law which was adopted by the plenum concerns the number of hunting dogs allowed to accompany each hunter.
An option with a discharge flange like Option C is also possible but it is not likely to be cost effective because the pressure drop of the oversized plenum is already low.
There will also be two representatives of the Students Plenum on the committee.
Since the BPP control uses the RLD to control the building static pressure and the BPA control uses the RLD to control the relief air plenum static pressure, the building static pressure may lose control with the BPP control and reverse relief airflow may occur with the BPA control once the RLD reaches its limits, either the fully closed position or the fully open position.
This plenum is for discussion of the organisational aspects of the party.
At the 1992 third plenum, Deng Xiaoping signaled a resumption of economic reform, taking his now famous southern tour.
Insertion loss is defined as the decrease in sound pressure or sound intensity level measured at a receiver location when a plenum is inserted into the path between the source and the receiver.
Achuthanandan left the party plenum at Palakkad to proceeded to Thiruvananthapuram claiming he was running a fever, but political observers point out that the move underlines speculation that the internal strife in the party is far from over.
Summary: History will be the ultimate judge, but there is good reason to believe that China's recently completed Third Plenum will come to be regarded as a pivotal moment in the country's development.
The Chinese Communist Party's Third Plenum released its plan for reforms, including moving toward the free market in allocating resources, abolishing prison reeducation, easing the one-child restriction for some families and eliminating local control over the judiciary.
EU businesses in China have expressed concern over the lack of clarity in China's new economic strategy unveiled by the country's leaders, during the Third Plenum of the Chinese Communist Party earlier this week.
The Third Plenum is said to be the third meeting of the President Xi Jinping-led 18th Central Committee.
All units include Vertical Air Return that directs cooled air to ceiling FFUs via either a ceiling plenum or flexible ducts
com)-- FiberStore has updated its line of OM3 OM4 10G fiber cables with the new OM3 Indoor/Outdoor Plenum distribution cables.
It is said to virtually eliminate the need for expensive callouts due to high or low pressure alarms as well as the need to make manual adjustments to plenum pressure.