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18] obtained near-zero estimates of the genetic correlation between days open and cow weight, which suggests lack of pleiotropic gene effects among weight and fertility of the cow.
Psychiatrists should start conceptualizing DSM-5 disorders not as freestanding medical conditions but as syndromes--collections of inter-related clinical phenotypes resulting from pleiotropic genes.
Effect of arachidonic acid on proliferation, cytokines production and pleiotropic genes expression in Jurkat cells-A comparison with oleic acid.
It explains more than 20% of genetic variance (variation from pleiotropic genes excluded) in the Cd.
In adopting Williams' concept of pleiotropy, specific pleiotropic genes were suggested by Kirkwood and Holliday (1979) in the disposable-soma theory of aging, namely, genes that control the level of somatic maintenance versus the level of reproductive output (Kirkwood 1985).