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bound by or as if by an oath


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The rights of the pledgee over pledged shares in Qatar may only be enforced through a court process.
The final regulations generally provide for the following valuation events: (1) a more-than-de minimis contribution to a disregarded entity of property, other than property pledged to secure a partnership liability; (2) a more-than-de minimis distribution from a disregarded entity of property, other than property pledged to secure a partnership liability; (3) a change in the legally enforceable obligation of the disregarded entity's owner to make contributions to the disregarded entity; (4) the incurrence, refinancing or assumption of an obligation of the disregarded entity that does not constitute its payment obligation under the regulations; and (5) the sale or exchange of a non-de minimis asset of the disregarded entity in a transaction outside of the normal course of business.
Maloof claimed he was entitled to increase his basis in the stock of Level Propane by $4 million because he personally had guaranteed the loan, pledged stock to secure it and incurred a cost when he lost "control" of Level Propane.
About 80% of those studied never reported taking a virginity pledge, 13% said they had pledged but in a later 5-year followup said they had not (they were counted as inconsistent pledgers in the study), leaving only 7% of "consistent pledgers," who reported at least once that they had pledged and never said otherwise.
At LinuxWorld in August, IBM pledged not to assert any of its patents against the Linux kernel.
They pledged to publicly fight against San Fernando Valley secession - regardless of what the secession study shows - while guaranteeing to protect labor interests by never privatizing any city jobs.
Security for the consolidated transportation bonds is broad-based, consisting of certain pledged taxes, including motor fuel, motor vehicle titling, and corporate income taxes, except for a portion of collections that are shared with other state and local agencies.
In TAM 200604033, the IRS concluded that a VPF was a common law sale at (or near) inception, because the taxpayer (among other things) permitted the counterparty to borrow the shares the taxpayer pledged as collateral.
The bonds are secured by a first claim on pledged program income, primarily of vehicle registration fees, as well as titling fees, registration and title service fees, personalized license plate charges, as well as other registration-related revenues additionally pledged in 2003.
In addition, under the stock-pledge agreement, the redeemed X stock is pledged to A as security for his installment note.
Fitch's 'A' rating on the senior lien bonds and 'A-' rating on the junior lien bonds balances both the relatively stable quality of the revenue streams pledged to the SCTIB and the high level of leveraging.
New revenues pledged by the bank this year are expected to be leveraged to finance additional project commitments.
In addition, there is an annual requirement to pre-pay (or set aside to the call date) up to 50% of annual debt service from surplus pledged funds available after debt service, if the primary revenue sources of the race track provide less than 2.
Between fiscal 2001 and 2005, growth in pledged revenues has equaled a strong 8.
The 'A+' rating on the improvement revenue and refunding bonds is based on the stable nature of the pledged revenue stream, adequate coverage by pledged revenues, solid legal provisions, and the city's general credit characteristics.