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a small thin device (of metal or plastic or ivory) used to pluck a stringed instrument


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Craig said catching with another although he plectrums place, rogue He's wanted to make this solo album for some time, although admits he's only been able to release it because of Elbow's success, allowing him the indulgence.
For the guitar player who's always losing their plectrums, the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch is essentially a hole punch that creates plectrums out of anything plastic, such as old credit cards, gift cards and blister packaging.
Anyway, as Ian Carnaby might say, that's enough about plectrums and eggs.
London, Feb 25 (ANI): A unique mosaic portrait of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, made from more than 5,000 different coloured Fender plectrums, is expected to fetch up to 16,000 pounds at an auction here.
Summary: Jimi Hendrix will be personified in a mosaic consisting entirely of Fender plectrums in a work of art to raise money for charity.
A UNIQUE mosaic of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, made from more than 5,000 plectrums, will go on show today.
Franz Ferdinand, The Gaslight Anthem, Klaxons and Biffy Clyro are just some of the artists who have donated to VIP - Very Important Plectrums - each plectrum framed with band imagery and a hand written statement of authenticity on where and when the plectrum was used.
It sells loads of instruments, sheet music, plectrums, reeds and all sorts of musical things.
And they're leaving guitar plectrums in the strings of his bronze bass guitar.
GORGEOUS model Nikki Ziering rocked Los Angeles Fashion Week yesterday - by wearing a bikini made from guitar plectrums belonging to hit heavy metal band Guns and Roses.
pounds 2,000 Tea Leoni decorated her bra with pink breast cancer ribbons; pounds 2,900 Sheryl Crow's plethora of plectrums is pick of the bunch; pounds 750 Cindy Crawford's effort is a self-portrait of her luscious pout; pounds 1,100 It's a sports bra for Rod Stewart - in Celtic's green hoops; pounds 600 Pamela Anderson tickled buyers with her feathered creation; pounds 850 Kristin Davis said it with stripes and flowers on her bra; pounds 1,750 Garry Shandling has found a new use for skull caps; pounds 400 Lionel Ritchie had a brick wall approach to his design; FOR SALE Nobody bought Jeff Goldblum's menagerie friends
The softcover book includes 190 color photos of everything from cork-grip mandolin picks of the 1930s to tortoise-shell models and plectrums made from steel, brass and bronze.
Plectrums and plasters offered up by the crowd, the solo show continued in support of his new Best Of DVD and double CD.
Sales in November and December were 20% up on the same period in 2012, with the company selling more than 1,000 pianos, more than 1,000 guitars each week and more than 10,000 plectrums in December alone.
A NEW portrait of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix - made from 4,000 Fender plectrums - was due to go on public display for the first time today.