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During the dry season, there were three-fold more plecopteran larvae than during the rainy season.
Also in Indiana, Brack (1985) found dipterans, trichopterans, coleopterans (including the Asiatic oak weevil), lepidopterans, homopterans, hymenopterans, neuropterans, and plecopterans represented, in decreasing order of importance, in the diet of this species.
genera) of ephemeropterans (mayflies), plecopterans (stoneflies), and trichopterans (caddisflies) in the sample.
The fauna basically consists of omnivores, generally small rapidly growing animals with short life cycles that usually undergo population explosions when melting occurs and are a source of food for predators, mainly plecopterans and planarians.
Among the shredders displaying significant changes were plecopterans (Peltoperlidae and Leuctra spp.