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a military trainee (as at a military academy)

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Regardless of whether the plebes in his classes become computer experts, they will always benefit from having a solid understanding of cyberspace, he said.
Alvaro da la siguiente definicion: "Un adolescente es un plebe, un chamaco, que esta queriendo empezar la juventud pero todavia no esta macizo".
Johnson learned one his most valuable lessons from Wood on his second day of plebe summer.
La participacion politica del bajo pueblo de la ciudad de Buenos Aires a partir de la Revolucion de 1810>>, es una reflexion sobre el imparable protagonismo politico adquirido por la plebe portena tras los sucesos del 25 de mayo, fecha en que se inicio el camino de Argentina hacia la independencia.
Although the staff at West Point has always tried to maintain a cloistered environment in which to change callow boys into dependable officers, today's plebes are a challenge.
For Urania's insight (which is to say, Vargas Llosa's) is the same that another great novelist who parted company with the Stalinist left, George Orwell, offered in 1984: The people, the plebes, the folk, the masses are not to be relied upon as the primary and initial source of anti-authoritarian resistance, and indeed may even prove a chief impediment to reform and liberation.
As freshmen, or plebes as we are called, we can only go out on weekend nights and have to be back by 10 p.
Since then the climate has improved for most queer plebes.
First century plebes got bread and circuses; 21st century proles may get lotteries and drugs.
The height of leisure was to sit with a cigarette in "Smoke Park,' where plebes (freshmen) couldn't go.
Performers include Grupo Vida, Los Plebes de San Luis, Grupo Misterio, Campanas de America, Cerrito, Citlaly, Shannon Murray, Little Joe y La Familia and The Big Dogs - a group of boys, ages 6 to 10, who sing classic rock and oldies in Spanish.
They had to be plebes, they had to go through the training.
Tom has no major achievements to set him apart from the other plebes sent to The Spire for training, but he decides he will beat nemesis Medusa, a foe only seen on the digital stage of war but never in person.
Plebes transport a simulated casuality through an obstacle course on Farragut Field at the U.
Then again, the Jake-Ali relationship is all tease, since fraternization between plebes and their superiors is strictly prohibited.