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a large motorboat that has a cabin and plumbing and other conveniences necessary for living on board

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The latest pleasure craft engine technology from MTU, the Series 2000 M96 continues the company s long tradition of reliable and efficient high-performance yacht engines.
Below, 40 years later the scene is quieter, and the harbour is popular with owners of pleasure craft
At around 9am about 38 Spanish fishing boats and seven or eight pleasure craft converged in the area of the western anchorage," he said.
California Senate Bill 623 proposed to ban the use of copper in antifouling paint for use on pleasure craft.
As the pleasure craft partially sank, the Sea Smooth catamaran limped to port on Lamma, taking on water through a gaping hole in its left bow.
8220;We believe that all members of the family should get their Pleasure Craft Operator Card because safe boating is important at every age and for all passengers,” says Cameron Taylor, President of BOATsmart
The presence of a Pleasure Craft Insurance product acts as a safety net for yacht owners in case of accidents, liabilities and damages incurred by the yacht.
A VOC limit CTG for pleasure craft coatings is also being considered by Texas and other states with ozone non-attainment issues.
He finds out what happened to the 700-strong flotilla of trawlers, pleasure craft and lifeboats.
THE problems caused by some boat activity on the River Wye could be eased by a plan from Environment Agency Wales to identify boats, canoes and pleasure craft on the river.
The yacht--the world's longest private pleasure craft, by 53 feet--comes better defended than some small nations.
We also offer vehicle, home insurance and pleasure craft insurance," he said.
A JUDGE investigating the drowning of the Defence Minister's nephew has asked for a probe into holiday pleasure craft safety procedures.
Winners are voted for by the Association of Pleasure Craft Operators (APCO) members.
It also supplies equipment to luxury yachts, pleasure craft, freight and fishing vessels, small yachts and other pleasure craft, passenger ships, and specialist craft such as military hovercraft.