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in a very pleasurable manner


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Head torches and a full moon cast the snow-laden trees as giant ghosts, a pleasurably spooky experience.
Novices will learn pleasurably from the succinct text and apt illustrations.
While it is easy to become pleasurably absorbed in the richness of the photography, the scientific value of this book should not be overlooked.
Visitors and online and distant interests are pleasurably highlighted.
The Metropolitan Opera's holiday run of its family-oriented Hansel and Gretel closed pleasurably Jan.
Phil Zuckerman, a Pitzer College sociologist, makes this case as fluidly and pleasurably as anybody in his book, "Living the Secular Life.
His earlier works include The Autobiography of My Father; The Resurrection of Philip Clairmont; Dark Night: Walking with McCahon and my personal favourite (and I believe his masterpiece), the immensely learned Zone of the Marvellous, which exhaustively though pleasurably explores the notion of the antipodes in the western imagination.
Ten years and a reunion later, No Cities to Love, is still pleasurably full-blooded: no-nonsense rock delivered without affectations.
CONSIDER these four ads: ; Hot woman undresses herself seductively before stepping into the shower, where she writhes pleasurably as a man, presumably her lover, watches.
Rowling weaves a pleasurably wicked literary murder mystery with all its attendant aspects of publishing politics, from the peevish to the pompous, into Strike's personal and professional lives.
Despite being full, we couldn't resist the smooth and sinful banoffie pie with cream, which seemed like a nice finale and left us pleasurably high.
Finally, and pleasurably, this well-researched book is eminently readable--the equivalent of sitting in a bar, nursing a beer, and listening intently to the insights of a baseball-loving pal who has detailed a season in the life of a big-league ball club.
Like the rest of this book the narrative does not rush to get to the last page but ties up the many loose strands in a calm and measured way, dwelling pleasurably in the beauty of the prose and leaving the reader with a warm glow of satisfaction.
Nor does this collection consider the innumerable over-the-counter and prescription drugs that have made huge numbers of Canadians pleasurably high for many years (starting with the alcohol-laden patent medicines of the distant past and running through drugs like oxycodone of the early 2000s).
sensory aesthetics pleasurably camouflage framework complications.