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Tulliver, pleadingly, "drink your wine, and let me give you some almonds and raisins.
Let me think - let me think,' he said, aloud, impatiently, even pleadingly, as if to some merciless interrupter.
John glanced at her pleadingly, a stricken look on his face.
Have you ever been in an animal shelter, and one little kitten came up and looked pleadingly into your eyes?
Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn is pleadingly pathetic and American star Rooney Mara expertly suggests a torrent of emotion under a fragile facade.
Most problematically, claims for legal relevance often seem tacked on, reflexively or pleadingly.
O take the advice of one that wishes you well," he pleadingly concluded his lengthy letter.
I pleadingly asked the operator, "Is my mama there?
Pleadingly I tell him, Next time I will do better, Rowan.
In the end, Baden-Powell had to write pleadingly to Robertson himself, begging him not to send the memorandum on to the other dominions.
She looked me in the eye and, almost pleadingly, said: All I want is a better future for my child.
They show papers, they pleadingly point at injured legs or clutch sore stomachs, asking us where they can find a doctor.
A young lady musician pleadingly told the conductor: "This is what we need now, you can't imagine what this means for us".
The opening sequence of No Fire Zone sets the scene for the narrative that follows: a series of children's hands thrust pleadingly through a gap in the locked gates of a UN compound, while inside TIC plans its withdrawal from the scene.
There was a big black bull in the middle of the herd that immediately caught my eye, and I looked at Stu pleadingly.