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er - Haythorne," he said gently, almost pleadingly.
John glanced at her pleadingly, a stricken look on his face.
Her eyes were raised to his, very softly yet almost pleadingly.
But she quickly adds, and pleadingly too, seeing displeasure in his face: 'Dear Eddy, you were just as tired of me, you know.
Clarence, my snake, has the cutest way of climbing up the leg of the table and looking at you pleadingly in the hope that you will give him soft-boiled egg, which he adores.
Tulliver, pleadingly, "drink your wine, and let me give you some almonds and raisins.
They show papers, they pleadingly point at injured legs or clutch sore stomachs, asking us where they can find a doctor.
A young lady musician pleadingly told the conductor: "This is what we need now, you can't imagine what this means for us".
You don't have to walk far in Whittingham before coming across evidence of the latter: the various benefactions of the Ravensworth family, who not only once paid for the restoration of the village's Saxon church and splendidly-gaunt tower, but also on a smaller scale, a stone figure of an elderly man with stick and hat, small dog looking pleadingly up at him: a drinking fountain in memory of the 3rd Earl of Ravensworth, scion of the Liddell family, wealthy Newcastle merchants who in the 19th century became richer still through their ownership of mines around Gateshead.
It sweeps the 3,000-year-old Iliad to its overwhelming conclusion, as the old king pleadingly kisses the hands of the young warrior who has killed so many of his sons, and each man sees the other for the first time in his humanity, and weeps.
Yours pleadingly, Splodge, Half 'n Half and Munchkin (AKA Mercedes, McLaren & Morgan).
The worst part of it was when a comrade fell at our feet and lay there dying, looking up at us pleadingly and we could not stop to see if we could do anything for him.
She asked pleadingly if they could please "put the cow back together again".
The photos are almost enough: demented, twisted faces calling out in agony, pressed tightly together in the crush, sweating and desperate, begging hands stretched out pleadingly towards the camera.