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Synonyms for plead

Synonyms for plead

to make an earnest or urgent request

Words related to plead

offer as an excuse or plea

enter a plea, as in courts of law

make an allegation in an action or other legal proceeding, especially answer the previous pleading of the other party by denying facts therein stated or by alleging new facts

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In addition to Ohio's explicit statutory exclusion of guilty pleaders from DNA testing, courts in Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania have also interpreted their respective DNA testing statutes as excluding those who plead guilty.
and of "foolish" pleaders who created a "scandal of the
By the early twentieth century, many observers had come to the view that pleading did not serve its ostensible notice-and-disclosure functions very well, because there were too many ways for an artful pleader to conceal or mislead.
See Clermont, supra note 5, at 1365 ("[I]n the years before Twombly-Iqbal many pleaders were including tremendous detail, and many observers attributed this practice to the encouragement, if not requirement, of the lower courts.
Gibson, which required pleaders to allege the "grounds" of their claims.
Local, state and national elected officials are not leaders, they are political tax pleaders.
63) This opened the door for less educated men to seek the role of procureur and led both to rising numbers of local pleaders and a perceived reduction in standards.
In order to augment the number of judges, the government proposes appointing judges on contract for two years, for which a special recruitment drive will be undertaken to select 15,000 judges for trial courts from amongst retired judges, public prosecutors, government pleaders and senior advocates.
So rather than pleading to the SPLM about the virtue of unity, pleaders should address the factors that made many Southerners despondent about it.
Legacy-media journalists may be the most irritating special pleaders when times get rough (which, for them, has been at least every day since I got into the business), but they're hardly alone.
Almost like a female monster, Fame epitomizes the revelatory deformed or even formless creature that occupies the center of the narrative and articulates the indefinable, as her unpredictable responses to the pleaders make clear.
In such a world, men like Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes--special pleaders on behalf of powerful political and financial interests who had always inhabited the fringes of economics--suddenly became relevant, even though their line of thinking turned classical economic thought (not to mention common sense) on its head.
Since all these deals, and more seem to be coming from other commercial and industrial pleaders, are general and appear to be open-ended, resourceful government capitalism can advance shareholder rights across the board and compel a variety of corporate reforms and accountabilities long-desired by progressives and conservatives alike.
By independence, I mean independence from special pleaders, from the political process, from favored industries or industry players and from national and regional biases.
Her children, too, met up with young pleaders for alms - but they were not the sad and silent ones.