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Synonyms for plead

Synonyms for plead

to make an earnest or urgent request

Words related to plead

offer as an excuse or plea

enter a plea, as in courts of law

make an allegation in an action or other legal proceeding, especially answer the previous pleading of the other party by denying facts therein stated or by alleging new facts

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30) The committee later reported a power "to grant reprieves and pardons," and added pardons "shall not [be] pleadable to an impeachment" Roger Sherman of Connecticut suggested limiting the granting of reprieves "until the ensuing session of the Senate" and allowing pardons "with the consent of the Senate.
28) A range of pleadable offenses and sentences may exist, but stigma and incarceration usually will result from any type of plea.
191) Similarly, increasingly compelling equitable arguments concerning a defendant's personal situation may be relevant to sentencing,(192) but do not necessarily mean that a prosecutor should revise the pleadable offense along a sliding scale; society's interest in maximum deterrence might trump the defendant's interests no matter how sad the defendant's tale.