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agree to plead guilty in return for a lesser charge

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Courts and administrative agencies have struggled with whether to impose particular collateral consequences on convictions that were plea-bargained, precisely because the facts of the crime were not determined and cannot be determined easily.
97) What makes Alford pleas interesting, though, is how they illustrate how a confession or admission need not play any role in a plea-bargained conviction.
But to be turned back onto the streets as soon as possible, many of these felons plea-bargained their cases down to misdemeanor confessions, and now these crooks are crying foul because of the lesser punishments for earlier crimes.
In contrast, Garcetti's charge that Cooley plea-bargained too many three-strikes cases is largely unfamiliar concept to most voters and thus less likely to stick.
Garcetti's ad claims Cooley plea-bargained a higher percentage of three- strikes cases in the San Fernando Valley than any other office.