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agree to plead guilty in return for a lesser charge

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72 billion from criminals through plea-bargain and deposited the recovered amount in the national exchequer.
Second, the quantitative data we have for the thirty-eight Tulia defendants is further complemented by rich, qualitative documentation of these innocents' plea-bargain decision-making processes.
To my way of thinking, anyone who uses a knife or stamps on a victim's head, must be aware that death might be the result and should face a charge of murder with no possibility of a plea-bargain.
OLONGAPO CITY -- The family of slain transgender Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude said it wanted to see US Marine Pfc Joseph Scott Pemberton behind bars, a possibility outlined in a recent plea-bargain discussion that could allow the 19-year-old American to plead guilty to homicide, instead of murder.
In contrast, a legal system without the plea-bargain mechanism would force all similarly situated defendants to face trial and to receive the same average sentences regardless of culpability.
58) However, in view of the wide variability of plea bargaining proceedings and the seriousness of the offenses discussed during plea-bargain negotiations and the lack of empirical studies measuring the relationship between these two factors, such an assertion may not be valid.
Scott & Stuntz, supra note 2, at 1954 (analogizing contract and plea-bargain settings and referring to contract doctrines in proposing a remedy for pleas by innocent defendants).
attorney and Joe's defense attorney during plea-bargain negotiations this month.
The stiff penalties have effected a subtle change in the judicial system - circumvention of the plea-bargain process.