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agree to plead guilty in return for a lesser charge

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72 billion from criminals through plea-bargain and deposited the recovered amount in the national exchequer.
The father of a Birmingham man held in Guantanamo Bay has attacked proposals for a plea-bargain deal which could involve his son admitting to war crimes.
During the hearing, Serizawa is expected to plead guilty to the perjury charge, while the prosecutors are expected to drop the charge of industrial espionage in a plea-bargain agreement, sources close to the case said.
Thus, even in those cases that did not result in a plea-bargain agreement, a typical sentence for a first offender would be 12 months' probation, a fine, and perhaps some public service.
McFarlane: Pleaded guilty on March 11, 1988, to four misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress, after a plea-bargain agreement with Walsh.
The terms of the plea-bargain agreement, provide for an agreed ten month suspended prison sentence and the imposition of a fine of approximately $306,000.
However, it doesn't seem to resolve the scandal of killers being allowed to plea-bargain a charge of murder down to one of culpable homicide with resultant sentences of as little as three years.