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time for play or diversion


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Joseph Bruce, 30, also of Rotherham, is alleged to have set up Magical Dream Beds to sell at least one PlayTime bed after the original firm applied to cease trading following the death.
I really like the extra playtime because it extends the time we have to have fun.
We are bolstering our ranks for next season hence giving playtime to potential signings," said Posta coach Omolo.
Playtime was cut from the list of the things to do in Little Rock back in June when the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration shut down the business at 600 Colonel Glenn Plaza Loop.
The 'Udta Punjab' star recently shared a playtime picture on social media with his adorable daughter Misha.
STILL in TV land, fans of CBeebies Playtime Island will be able to add new games and personalise their very own island with the app's latest update.
Contract notice:Construction of the PLAYTIME operation of 81 housing units in Tremblay, France, divided into two programs Program 1: Playtime 1: 1 building of 41 PLUS / PLAI social housing units and tertiary premises in DRC and R + 1.
Luis Manzano will replace Billy Crawford in the early evening weekend show Celebrity Playtime.
While the worth of a good school and extracurricular activities are easy to see, the real value of playtime isn't.
com)-- Toy Playtime Puppets, a kid-friendly variety show on YouTube released its first video to visitors on the social video sharing site.
AN OAKES school wants to install a special playpod to help transform playtime for its pupils.
The footage totals roughly five hours of playtime, including both gameplay and cutscenes.
French Playtime will be held Tuesdays from 10:30 to 11:30 beginning March 3 and running for six weeks.
Children are not getting the variety of playtime they should be getting.
Chad Valley have created the Playtime Pocketbook, an online guide designed by parents, which includes 100 playtime tips.