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a small informal nursery group meeting for half-day sessions


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Close on its heels came the sexual assault cases at playschools in Rohini and Harinagar.
But principals and experts said that playschools are a grey area where there are no regulations.
This is a very important issue to our playschool and to children in their pre-school education.
GREEDY Hollywood film giants are demanding a fee from Irish tots - to watch cartoons at playschool.
Now youngsters may no longer be able to enjoy favourites such as Snow White and Cinderella after playschool bosses were warned it is illegal to show copyrighted DVDs in public without the correct license.
I don't think too many judges would come down hard on a playschool over this.
But when I went to playschool the next day and I was asked what I did at the weekend I told my teacher that during the move I was chased by a crocodile, so I have added that to the picture.
We haven't received complaints against playschools in the past.
THE Delhi government on Friday sealed the playschool, Pthshala, at Sagarpur in West Delhi where a three- year- old girl was allegedly sedated and raped by the owner's husband.
The government also issued an order to arrest the woman who owned the playschool as she was responsible for the children's security.
Charity Barnardos slammed the Government's shoddy record on playschools, which leaves children drastically under prepared for school.