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a small informal nursery group meeting for half-day sessions


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But when she started playschool, we realised she was really struggling.
The successful proponent of this project will have reviewed the attached FFA Consultants Acoustical Treatment Assessment Report and be able to identify, supply and install the necessary acoustical treatments to Teck Hall and the Playschool area; two separate spaces.
There emerged this wonderful creative workshop with people full of youth and enthusiasm and ideas but also people who understood the science that was put together years ago working every day on Playschool.
Spread over 1,500sqm, including 500sqm building and 1,000sqm dedicated to outdoor facilities, the playschool will be located close to the Sdiyat Beach residences, five-star resorts and leisure venues.
The owner of the playschool, Poonam, was arrested on the grounds of negligence on Friday.
He said: "Liam is doing really well, we crossed another milestone this week when he ate his first cooked meal - and he fed himself in playschool - for the first time since late last year.
They also made a donation to a local child care playschool that uses buses to take the children out and about and gave some money to an organisation that takes underprivileged kids to watch Middlesbrough FC play.
When playschool toddlers are given coloured paper, round-ended scissors and glue and asked to make a picture, this is often the result.
The 38-year-old has accused her husband of physically assaulting her in January 2008 in Anthoupoli outside the couple's children's playschool.
The Girl Who Tamed Her Wonder Worm" is a brightly illuminated story about a four-year old girl named Jill who faces her doubts and worries about attending a new playschool and "tames her wonder worm.
Five schools and nurseries were closed yesterday - Drumoyne Primary, Nethan Street Nursery and St Roch's playschool, all in Glasgow, as well as Glenfield Nursery and St Paul's Primary, both in Paisley.
Doesn't it say it all when toddlers turn up at playschool smelling like an ashtray?
Since then, through 2008, a number of activities have been undertaken: village playschool committees have been created; road shows have been organized and have traveled from district to district to explain the nature and benefits of mother tongue education, to plan play- and pre-schools, and to recruit parents to help at schools and other persons, particularly pensioners, to help develop and produce classroom materials.
A PLAYSCHOOL forced to shut its doors after vandal attacks two years ago has reopened.