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a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio


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LaMusica is a mobile music product that offers exclusive content including live streams of SBS' market-leading radio stations and talent, a "My Radio" innovative personalization tool, hundreds of expertly curated playlists as well as social networking features and access to more than 23 million songs.
Social music sharing - Unlimited playlists of unlimited length free, registration-free and advertising-free.
What's really exciting is that WEA have committed to support Playlists.
Pop star Beyonce has come up with a new June Birthday Special playlist on her Web site, which has songs ranging from Kanye West to Ariana Grande.
The Beats Music app tries to take the information you enter in order to present you with a variety of albums and playlists that are "Just For You.
The app also spotlights new releases on a daily basis, as well as music news and has the ability to create your own playlists.
The app also spotlights new releases on a daily basis as well as music news and the ability to create your own playlists.
com has rolled out thousands of pre-packaged YouTube playlists to make music discovery easy and fun.
All of the mixes are updated monthly, and each track has a 'like' feature, allowing playlists to be amended.
Here's a checklist from Your Playlist Can Change Your Life:
Smart Playlists can also update themselves automatically when you add new tracks to your library that meet the conditions of the Smart Playlist; some users, however, have complained that the Smart Playlists live updating feature seems to make iTunes run slower.
The automation utilises a GUI (graphical user interface), and its Java-based system allows editing of playlists for automation, or search and retrieve from archives.
A user first exports iTunes playlists to NuTsie online.
Naxos Music Library, the world's largest collection of streaming classical, jazz, wind band, choral and world music, has released a new iPhone and iPod Touch application, which allows subscribers remote access to their personal and account playlists.
We need to receive all your Playlists by Friday June 26, 2009.