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a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio


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Measure -- Receive immediate feedback on metrics such as what listeners like and don't like with Fire(similar to a 'like' symbol meaning the playlist is hot) and Chat, as well as how the broadcast is ranking amongst listeners, which allow broadcasters to make adjustments and increase their following
On TmBapwW Thursday, after her midweek triumph, Boomerang was finally added to Capital's playlist and A happy Nicole, 34, wrote: "Woohoo
The 'Me7' challenge invites everyone, from digital novices to seasoned streamers, to create a 7-song playlist of tracks that best defines their life in music - from a teenage anthem to a first dance track - the trick part will be shortlisting down to just 7 tunes
The first Playlist CD features 14 great tracks from Irish acts, including contributions from Halite, Future Kings Of Spain, The Frames, The Tycho Brahe, Mundy, Ten Speed Racer and Damien Rice.
Spring Moves created the Playlist feature to support a broader range of activities and preferences.
Although based in Los Angeles, CA, this is the second consecutive single from the artist to be added to the official playlist at Radio 2.
Apple has launched a new "talking" version of its iPod shuffle music player on Wednesday, which uses VoiceOver technology to speak aloud the titles of songs and the names of artists and playlists.
Photo: Hopes rest with Nicole Sandler, who is choosing the playlist for Channel 103.
The O2O Commerce Playlist facilitates rich two-way commerce interactions in-lane and online.
So why not surprise him or her by making a handpicked playlist this year with TunesGo 6.
We've all been there - the nights when you want to party hearty but it's impossible to create the perfect playlist.
The #weeSPINiPhone6 playlist celebrates those values perfectly through music," said Fong.
Bands who use the E word will get the red card from the station's all-important playlist.
Users can search by title, artist or album and play music instantly by clicking on a track, album or playlist.
Featuring a wide range of genre-bending performers continuing to expand the musical palette, the playlist features edgy-pop starlet Sky Ferreira's "You're Not the One," a gritty 80's influenced jam that seamlessly transcends into the next track, "I Believe," an emotionally-charged anthemic single brought to life by Basic Vacation.