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Synonyms for playlist

a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio


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hashtags helps promote the playlist among the Mixxlist community.
Rio's Spotify playlist in honour of the 58-year-old, Mum's Playlist, includes Wayne Wonder's Saddest Day and The Jackson 5's Never Can Say Goodbye.
Starting today, users in 20 countries who joined Spotify prior to June 2016 can find the Your Summer Rewind playlist on the Home screen of the Spotify app for iOS or Android, or by visiting Spotify.
When logged in find a video that you want to put first in a playlist and click the plus button (Add to) underneath it.
Subscribers to the service will continue to receive playlist suggestions even when offline, based on what users listened to before.
She appeared on the programme last year after her close friend Tremayne Crossley, from North Shields, produced a playlist featuring one song from every year of Jo's life to help her catch up on the world of music.
She recalled listening to her breakup playlist when her relationship with a past boyfriend, whom she did not name, ended.
The money raised will allow Playlist for Life to offer enhanced social and personal possibilities to the many thousands of people with dementia who can be reconnected to themselves and to others through music.
You can create a playlist using the New Document function in the four-up display in the timeline, or by dragging and dropping one piece of content over another.
However, there was a re-think just before Christmas before Christmas 1974 and, to boost 1974 and, to boost listenership, a new listenership, a new pop music playlist pop music playlist was introduced.
Another "Highlights'' section made more sense, like a playlist of the "2014 Grammy Winners.
SOME of the biggest names in Welsh music feature on a innovative tourism playlist that it is hoped will attract more tourists to the South Wales Valleys.
Dubbed as YouTube Mix, the feature is an auto-generated playlist that shows users suggested videos on the basis of what they're 'interested' in.
They have joined forces to devise a brand new physical theatre production called Playlist directed by ThickSkin theatre company artistic director Neil Bettles.