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As a result, these discussions - as well as the international case studies featured - make Playing Politics With Terrorism an important book for anyone who is interested in political agenda setting, responses to terrorism, and the effects of terrorism.
Instead of playing politics and rewarding trial lawyers, Gore should help America's farmers get the help they need -- now," said Nicholson, who grew up on a family farm in Struble, Iowa.
Playing Politics begins by explaining the parliamentary procedures of a sitting period, and follows this with how you can use these procedures to raise an issue of concern or gain information about how issues are to be debated.
It's time to stop playing politics with this nomination.
He suggested that PAT chief should speak truth and avoid playing politics on non-issues.
Mr Morgan accused health minister Edwina Hart of playing politics with the decision.
He hit back after Ron Gould, who wrote a critical report, said all parties were guilty of playing politics with the design of ballot papers - and of treating voters as an "afterthought".
Labour's regional empire building is playing politics with people's lives," said Mr Pickles.
The Government was accused of playing politics with public money after it emerged that 80% of spending on new hospitals had gone to Labour constituencies.
Playing politics with the future of our young people is no way for a responsible government to act.
Anytime they belittle the negotiating position of the union, they're just playing politics and gamesmanship.
I noticed that WH Dobson (Viewpoints August 14) accused Labour councillors of neglecting street cleansing and, rather grandiosely, of playing politics with the lives of the people of Splott and Tremorfa by blocking measures to improve our city.
When President Clinton was playing politics with the federal bench, the same ABC network acted very differently.
A civilian leadership that oversees military matters faces another dilemma: how to prevent military officers, in their turn, from playing politics.
At a moment in which the interconnection of our struggle for justice with other civil rights struggles could not be clearer, we are degenerating into a movement that is playing politics with some core principles.