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The choral part of Dvorak's Requiem was undertaken by the Kantorei der Schlosskirche Weilburg, who in addition to collaborating with German early-music ensembles have regularly appeared at significant ecclesiastical holidays at the Schlosskirche in Weilburg, while the orchestral part was performed by Capella Weilburgensis, an ensemble playing period instruments and their copies, whose members hail from Germany and neighbouring countries and who since 1992 have regularly got together to explore grand oratorios, as well as chamber music.
At the end of any game or at the end of a playing period, it is helpful to schedule an evaluation period, in which players can get together to talk about what they have learned and what difficulties of play were encountered.
Some people have gramophones playing period music that really sets the scene well.
It followed a nightmare playing period which saw him fail to score a league goal for West Ham in almost two years.
On Saturday, Watson will conduct 35 musicians playing period instruments of Beethoven's time.
Knowing that I might not have been able to play this season and just coming out and playing period, it's a blessing," Best told a Bay Area reporter.
Designed to replicate the concentrated playing period of a Rugby World Cup, its effect has been to give the Six Nations an added sense of momentum and excitement.
If instrumentalists have any doubts about investing in these editions, they might first wish to sample the recording of the "Haffner" and "Linz" that Kroll the editor, made as fortepianist with the Parlor Philharmonic, all playing period instruments (Mozart, Symphonies for Chamber Ensemble, Boston Skyline Records BSD 144 [1997], CD).
It is designed to replicate the concentrated playing period of a World Cup and it has given the Six Nations an added sense of excitement.
The concert was accompanied by the talented Wirral Philharmonic Baroque Ensemble, playing period instruments.
Playing period instruments in a resonant acoustic, the Fitzwilliams produced a magnificently austere sound, perfectly balanced, plain and straightforward and with none of the lushness of the modern approach.
When we saw how good the film is, we knew it belonged in the prime summer playing period," said Tom Pollock, chairman of the MCA Motion Picture Group.
THE challenges and rewards of playing period instruments will be highlighted when five principal musicians from The Hanover Band give a concert of baroque music in Warwickshire on Sunday.
Next Saturday will see performances from Merse Singers, with classical music and an orchestra playing period instruments and the Bailiffgate Singers who sing everything from Schubert to Sting.
Only the Robins, Worksop Town and Blue Square North side Vauxhall have beaten Gateshead under Bogie's stewardship over a five-and-a-half month playing period.