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The new figures do not include a change in the law which came into force in April which gave Sport England more power to protect playing fields by including mini pitches, often found at many primary schools.
In order to try to obtain greater protection of Welsh playing fields, I have worked closely with Rhodri Edwards of NPFA Cymru and with Dr John Marek AM, a long-standing supporter of playing field campaigners.
The village currently has a large playing field which lies off Maxstoke Lane - a safe place for children to play - but the area needs investment to restore it to former glory.
London, October 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundreds of school playing fields are being sold off for development at a time when rising populations and increased obesity rates mean more need for sports grounds than ever before, a GLA Green Group report reveals today.
Democrats, on the other hand, largely spurred by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and current DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, have utilized soft money to ``level'' the playing field and taken great skill in creatively raising it from a variety of sources.
Broadway West Playing Field beside the entrance to pavilion car park at Parklands.
I'm ready to concede to their level playing field request
At the start of this year, a wonderful year for sport and heritage, my friend and former councillor Jane Rogers and I campaigned with the help of the South Wales Echo and Fields in Trust to change Cardiff council's previously dire position of not having nominated a single playing field for the Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust Diamond Jubilee Challenge.
According to figures obtained by the Telegraph, 35 applications for school playing field sales were submitted between May 18 2010 and July 22 this year.
NOT a single school playing field has been sold off in Wales in the past five years - in contrast to England where 22 have been flogged since the coalition came to power.
It is true that the playing field is not level and policies that help ensure access to deserving students at the "wrong" end of the playing field make sense, though liberals and conservatives can have good-faith disagreements about what the appropriate policies are.
The sentiment of the legal/divorce community was that there should be legislation to level the playing field between the economically disadvantaged spouse (almost always the wife) and the other spouse--and while we are at it to also level the playing field between the lawyer and the client.
TO celebrate the continuing success of Brambles Playing Field a sports and fun day has been organised by local residents.
The United States has the ability to be the one of the biggest players in the oil industry, but how does it level the playing field and stay competitive, while remaining mindful of environmental concerns?
29 /PRNewswire/ -- The Level Playing Field Institute today announced it has received a $100,000 grant from The Education Financing Foundation of California (TEFFC) to support their efforts helping low-income students of color excel in college.