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plaything consisting of a small model of a house that children can play inside of

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Children search for interesting parcels and views for playhouses on which to site pocket- to life-sized play spaces.
Art-class experiences build on a fruitful life in playhouses and build connections between children's growing interests in the world.
When not headed out on emergencies, the men crouched inside a miniature firehouse, hammering and sanding the impressive structure that will be auctioned off this fall as part of Project Playhouse, a charity event that benefits the homeless.
But this playhouse isn't just any pile of wood found assembled in a backyard tree.
Taylor Woodrow Commits to Match up to $50,000 in Funds Raised Through Project Playhouse to the HomeAid Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund
Taylor Woodrow Homes' "Angels in the Dugout" playhouse is now on public display at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.
8 -- color) Custom-built luxury playhouses from La Petite Maison go for up to $75,000.
I can't do anything small,'' Polizzi says, as he climbs into the playhouse in which kids of all ages play.
Quincy Johnson Architects was a supporting sponsor and designed the "Tuxedo Park" playhouse for the Lennar Family of Builders as part of the Gold Coast Builders Association's Playhouse Parade @ CityPlace (Five Builders, Five Dream Homes) in West Palm Beach.
Anchell, Architect, Director of Single Family Division at Quincy Johnson Architects, designed the Tuxedo Park playhouse for the Lennar Homes Family of Builders.
Although it calls for the introduction to the area of some six or more larger theaters as well as art house cinemas, the ULI report is not suggesting that the existing playhouses be left behind.
Imagine a pedestrian-friendly area where a string of playhouse marquees seems to light up an entire block.
A play like ``Dinner With Friends'' is an argument for creating a theater district with easy walking proximity between playhouses, bars, restaurants and coffeehouses.
Kevin Kilner, bottom left, Rita Wilson, Daniel Stern and Dana Delany star in ``Dinner With Friends'' at the Geffen Playhouse.
All the playhouses - including one for an extremely fortunate dog (Buster's Dream House) - were built specifically to raise funds for HomeAid.