playground slide

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plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide

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Fahey said the playground slide that was damaged was heavily used, especially in the summer when kids are taking swimming lessons at the beach off Maple Street.
The objects - wedged around the playground slide at Mountain View Park with their sharp ends pointed upward - were found at 4 p.
Victoria was left screaming in agony after falling from the playground slide on Saturday.
Wheelbarrows, generators, planks, bikes, rubble, industrial cables, even a playground slide, have been hit by trains or found on the tracks.
A teenager seriously injured in a fall from a playground slide 15 years ago has awarded pounds 550,000 damages .
I came off a playground slide and broke my hip when I was a teenager and couldn't get a replacement until I was 21.
Reception class children were each doing 175 bounces on space hoppers yesterday and nursery youngsters were whizzing down the school playground slide 175 times.
A man in a sleeping bag slept beneath the playground slide, a family-sized box of Wheat Thins near his head.
They wore buttons with a photo of a smiling Claire sitting at the bottom of a playground slide.
Once, he broke the toddler's wrist by grabbing him off a playground slide.
ALLEGED thieves who "stole" a playground slide were council workers removing it to lay new turf, it has emerged.
Grandfather Stuart Walton was horrified when a worried parent asked him look at a children's playground slide in his home village.
During the mass a photograph of her climbing a playground slide was put on the coffin.
The city's tots will get their playground slide back this week, three months after vandals torched their old one.