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ball used in playing softball


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The witness said that following the playground ball game session in a London secure unit, the boy was again confronted in a lounge area.
Added UO quarterback Kellen Clemens: "There's some similarities to playground ball.
Activities will include a climbing wall, soccer challenge, bicycle race, filming station capturing games created by kids using a red rubber playground ball, interactive HOPSport program and basketball drills.
I've been wondering lately about the Los Angeles Lakers and what their mixture of one-on-one playground ball, rugby, pro wrestling, football and sumo wrestling, their constant pushing, pulling, holding, shoving, hacking, elbowing, bull-rushing, lane-camping and karate-chopping, and their arrogant posturing and incessant whining about practically every call against them have to do with a game once characterized by sportsmanship, speed, grace, shooting skill, strategy and teamwork.
Playground ball, streetball, call it what you will, the essence of the thing is no consistent offensive or defensive approach, and no fundamental skills (as if such things were unnecessary for such ``talented'' players).
Rite Aid is selling other The Cat In The Hat themed merchandise including stickers, die cast cars, color forms, a playground ball, puzzles, and crafts sets with pencils, pens and markers in a vinyl zip-up hat container.
They played scatterball, playground ball,'' Edgerson said.
It's like three-on-three playground ball of the '50s,'' Bruins assistant Jim Saia said.
The ironic thing is that it happened the same exact day I had told him not to play any playground ball,'' Wiksell said.
The crowd shrieked as the dodgeballers hurled yellow playground balls at each other with seemingly lethal intent.
Consider, for example, the new rule at my son's elementary school: No red playground balls on the playground.
All of the items are available in a variety of sizes, from mini basketballs to fullsize soccer balls Camps and company picnics can get in on the fun with playground balls and tetherballs.
St Mellons CIW Primary chose a selection of playground balls and scooter sets for the early years Foundation Phase children.
Or how about those salmon-colored playground balls that had such wonderful bounce?
The teachers provided about five rubber playground balls to each team at the start of each game.