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children attended theater and how this affected playgoing and
But will the state of the evidence for actual reception ever make it feasible to construct a history of early modern play-reading apart from a history of playgoing, or a definition of readerliness distinct from features of responses developed on the basis of attendance at a live performance?
At the same time, Straznicky's work on the construction of female playreaders, Sauer's on the political appropriation of closet drama, Lesser's on black-letter nostalgia, and Berek's on the "theatricalization of public discourse" not only go a long way towards establishing that "playreading was [not] simply an extension of playgoing," but they also enlarge our "conceptualizing [of] the place of drama in the public sphere" (16).
Gurr explains the crafty deal that gave birth to what he calls "duopoly," the domination of London playgoing by two companies for nearly half a century.
Overall, Kiernan finds audiences to be involved and appreciative, and the Globe space to make playgoing more fun.
20) The fact that Duncan is Shakespeare's only detailed representation of a Scottish king may have encouraged this rough matching in the minds of some playgoing subjects of England's first Scottish king.
Knights' Drama and Society in the Age of Jonson (1962), Gurr's Playgoing in Shakespeare's London (1987) or Bradbrook's The Artist and Society in Shakespeare's England (1982) imply both the history of the theatre at the time and some discussion of the individual dramatist.
But here is the proof with its cross-references to many learned figures including Andrew Gurr, the author of Playgoing in Shakespeare's London.
The former went in for playgoing, horseracing, and Freemasonry, the latter for temperance and observing the Sabbath.
We have an excellent account of London playgoing in 1617, when the entire Venetian embassy went to the theatre and Chaplain Busino recorded his impressions.
16 By Richard Hosley in his 'The Gallery Over the Stage', 24, and Andrew Gurr in Playgoing in Shakespeare's London (Cambridge, 1987), 21, 221.
A third manifestation of the London playgoing public's heightened awareness of Othello during the early 1830s was provided by Maurice Dowling's Othello burlesque of 1834, premiering at Liverpool's Liver Theatre.
Elizabeth Pepys enjoyed playgoing so much that she made her husband promise to take her with him whenever he went.
44 See Ben Jonson's commendatory verses to The Faithful Shepherdess, cited in Andrew Gurr, Playgoing in Shakespeare's London (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ.
The producers and the theater owners and the playgoing public permit themselves to be spellbound and hypnotized by a single pair of eyes and ears, in a single seat or at a single winking VDT, just because his opinion is published in a newspaper that endorsed Al D'Amato, that picklehead, over Mark Green for the U.