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Neither playgoer is moved by the performance to alter his or her initial behavior.
The final line of the epilogue to The Tempest, "Let your indulgence set me free," delivered either by Prospero or the actor who has played Prospero, is indeed an appeal for applause but is also an integral part of the "freedom" motif in this rich play, a climax in which the assembled playgoers are asked to allow the erstwhile magus to depart.
An individual playgoer would have to notice only one or two in order to infer that the "To be" speech is a feigned soliloquy.
For playgoers at a performance of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, the prophecy sets forth the rhetoric of an idealized Tudor status quo, a rhetoric with which they would be familiar.
To generations of playgoers, the reply has seemed transparently Shakespeare's, the playwright's modest comment on the worth of dramatic satire of the Jonsonian kind--and of the satiric view of life in general.
Upon initial consideration, a playgoer or reader might think Shakespeare's notion of gentility--of gentleness--is as ambiguous as Sir Thomas Erpingham's cloak, which Henry borrows to conceal his identity.
Swelling--dilation--remains the Chorus's focus in the play's small details, such as his urging playgoers in their mind's eye to "behold the threaden sails" of King Henry's armada,
action addressed playgoers, and on occasion a character who had
15), so that she and the playgoer see the entering figure at the same time.
In particular, this analysis finally gives playgoers and readers a better appreciation of the social importance of Vincentio's and especially Escalus's paradoxical "precisely imprecise" judgments.
Q I HAVE a booklet called The Playgoer which is the magazine for the Cass Theatre in Michigan where Mae West was performing in a play called Come on Up.
And so, when a playgoer or reader reconsiders lago's assertion at the beginning of the play that Cassio "had th'election" in the light of Cassio's later predestinarian utterances in his act 2 dialogue with lago, he or she wonders whether Cassio is elect in the play's theology.
The experience for the playgoer is akin to having a heart-to-heart with the notorious jazz musician over very mellow whiskey.
Jyl Shuler, development director at the festival, is quick to point out two things about the festival, however, that may not be evident to the average playgoer.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Mack Sennett; 2 One which is limited to a specific area of the body; 3 Trafalgar Square; 4 Chianti is not fortified; 5 A playgoer who stood in the yard in front of the stage; 6 Charlton Athletic; 7 Bob Cratchit; 8 The Royle Family; 9 Blood pressure; 10 Wrestling.