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a mechanically operated piano that uses a roll of perforated paper to activate the keys

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An Aeolian recital offered free weekly concerts every Saturday, and a circulating library of Pianola and Aeolian piano rolls allowed player piano customers an inexpensive option to purchasing new rolls.
Bjorken-Nyberg builds on extensive interdisciplinary scholarship to historicize and situate her claims about sound: she cites Phyllis Weliver's and John Picker's work on Victorian music and sound culture to demonstrate how the player piano affected Edwardian views, situates her own philosophy on the role of the mechanization of art alongside new media critics Tim Armstrong and Ivan Raykoff, and invokes Jacques Attali and Susan McClary in her consideration of the politics of the music the player piano produced.
Steinway's entire catalog of performances will be provided to Steinway Spirio owners at no additional charge-a first for the player piano industry.
He also identified ideologies of democratization and personal autonomy as crucial stratagems used by player piano advertisers to hawk their wares.
Excerpts from the composition emanate from four Yamaha Disklavier player pianos, dispersed across two of the levels, and this eerily automated sound track "puts everything into swing, into operation," as Parreno has stated, its musical cues acting in concert with various digitally programmed audiovisual effects to entice and propel visitors through the space.
Through its wizardry, Zenph lifted the piano part for computer analysis and processing that allows for mechanical reproduction on what functions essentially as a high-end (in this case a 1909 Steinway) player piano.
MEMORY TAPES PLAYER PIANO PRIOR to the release of debut album Seek Magic in 2009, Dayve Hawk - the New Jersey-based producer behind Memory Tapes - revealed he was "just not desperate for attention".
The player piano helped democratize music in the early 20th century, yet the technology also provoked some unease.
Soon he finds another rustic musician and eventually his troupe is filled out with Ol' Gnarly Dog, a hound, One-Eyed Lemony Cat, Rusty Red Rooster "whose voice sounded like a player piano bein' hit with an ax.
Seated in his wheelchair, Johnny Caldwell makes a few minor adjustments to his antique player piano, then flips a lever.
When he came across an entire 75-year-old barber shop setup, he knew it would fit in perfectly with the store's general store and 100-year-old player piano.
If concerns about putting on a good King Creosote show weren't enough, his forthcoming Glee Club appearance on Monday will not only find Kenny on stage with fellow Fence Collective label acts The Pictish Trail and Player Piano, but also booking all the travel and accommodation arrangements.
Adding to the period atmosphere was a player piano and the famous "Farrell's drum," which was gonged when important announcements were made.
Like any player piano, the Disklavier has a certain creepy quality when it plays by itself - those keys and pedals going up and down all on their own, creating real piano music on real strings.
Composed of seemingly unrelated vignettes that span countries, languages and centuries, Spanish avant-garde helmer Pere Portabella's "The Silence Before Bach" defies categorization: A stalking player piano, two truckers, a female equestrienne (plus horse), a blind piano tuner (plus dog), a bewigged tour guide, a nude female cellist and Johann Sebastian Bach perform their appointed rounds in an atmosphere of quiet subversion.