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a notebook containing descriptions and diagrams of the plays that a team has practiced (especially an American football team)

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a book containing the scripts of one or more dramatic plays

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a scheme or set of strategies for conducting a business campaign or a political campaign

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The sale of the business was facilitated by Jim Peddle, President of Playbook Advisory, a leading Chicago-based business brokerage firm.
The Logistics Playbook was created for logisticians and users of logistics data who need relevant and current information to enable them to make better informed decisions.
360 Employee Rated Feedback on Morf Playbook allows professionals to garner ratings on their performance from their peers, customers, partners and managers, similar to GlassDoor, eBay or Amazon ratings, on a one-to-five scale.
Alongside basic details of the borrower's active repayment plan, the Playbook displays comparable details for other repayment options, such as a graduated or income-driven plan.
So, in his first few days surrounded by his executives and numerous employees he waved the Best Buy playbook in the air declaring his plan for Al-Futtaim, which included several "housekeeping" strategies.
Design of playbook that thoroughly incorporates issues mentioned in Objective 1 above.
Silver Linings Playbook," which had been referred to by Quick on his website as "an Oscar-nominated film," is now "an Oscar-winning film" in light of Jennifer Lawrence winning the Best Actress Academy Award category for her performance in the quirky romantic comedy-drama.
A 10-incher would mean that BlackBerry would want to play in both fields of the tablet market, which would make sense since the PlayBook did do pretty well.
Life Of Pi, Amour, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty complete the shortlist.
Directing: Michael Haneke for Amour; Benh Zeitlin for Beasts of the Southern Wild; Ang Lee for Life of Pi; Steven Spielberg for Lincoln; David O Russell for Silver Linings Playbook.
U) Silver Linings Playbook (15) Sinister (15): Fri & Sun-Thur Skyfall (12A) Taken 2 (12A) The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn (12A) Hendrix 70 - Live at Woodstock ODEON COVENTRY Argo (15) Gambit (12A) Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted 2D & 3D (PG): Sat & Sun The Pirates
was a richly satisfying knockout, it's a joy to see him back in the off-kilter comedy realm with the wonderful 'Silver Linings Playbook,'" writes David Rooney of the (http://www.
RIM will launch its new PlayBook tablet in Canada next week, and then let it roll out to other markets.
This PlayBook tablet is strategically important for RIM as it will be the first product to use RIM's reworked QNX OS that it is adapting for a new generation of BlackBerry phones.
Ottawa, June 9 ( ANI ): BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has planned to discontinue the 16GB version of its PlayBook tablet.