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QPR boss Neil Warnock also accused Johnson of playacting to get Barton sent off.
At the other extreme, among the multiple playacting humans of Two Gentlemen of Verona, Crab the dog remains ineluctably himself.
who finally understands the consequences of a life of violence and discovers that real life isn't anything like his dream of playacting.
That means a) no taxpayer-funded scheme of any amount has much chance of success, so all Japanese financial officials have been doing the past decade is playacting at solving the problem; and b) probably the only "way out" for Tokyo is serious yen depreciation, at least to the range of [yen] 160-180 against the dollar.
RIVALDO has been fined pounds 4,500 by Fifa for his playacting during Brazil's 2-1 win over Turkey in Ulsan.
I don't think there was no contact whatsoever, it was just a bit of playacting as I saw it,'' he claimed.
The fundamental point here is that each girl comprises both Self and Other: In the candid shots, they display the peculiar fusion, the unquestioned equality of the childhood friendship, while their markedly disproportionate bodies suggest only difference (a difference that threatens to play out uncomfortably in the hostile wilderness of adolescence); in their playacting, their undeveloped forms morph in and out of roles as men and women and as mythical figures including Ophelia and the Virgin Mary.
Whatever the kick of telling stories may be, a much deeper need is fulfilled by his ability to hide from the world behind the shield of playacting.
Andy deserved to be sent off, but the playacting was the worst aspect of it.
JOEY BARTON threatened to sue referees for bad decisions and opponents for playacting in a new Twitter onslaught.
But the UEFA disciplinary committee yesterday ensured the Brazilian-born star's playacting has not gone unpunished.
In Dog, 2000, and Pink Ball, 2003, Larsson pushed off Barbara Kruger's mocking of male sexual personae (You Construct Intricate Rituals Which Allow You to Touch the Skin of Other Men) to tell tightly constructed stories of initiates playacting glamorously elusive rites.
And although she had contempt for what she considered the intellectually lightweight business of playacting, too, she did find drama more interesting and excelled in a few school plays.
BY MIKE WALTERS JOEY BARTON threatened to sue referees for bad decisions and opponents for playacting in a new Twitter onslaught.
Always posed against the same wall (sometimes painted with scenic views, sometimes decorated with bung fabrics), Fosso elaborates an experimental process of self-invention and playacting inspired by popular-magazine imagery.