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Synonyms for percentage

a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred)

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We had to play the percentages, we wanted to challenge them in the air.
But sometimes you just have to play the percentages and take what you've got.
Unfortunately neither approach comes with any guarantees and while Llanelli played Barbarians rugby in beating Gala last time out, there is a chance they will want to play the percentages a bit more given the fact they actually stand a chance of beating Mose to the top spot in Pool Six.
Where Spain play the percentages, waiting for a moment of weakness, Brazil plough straight in.
If you want to play the percentages, adopt back-to-lay tactics with both of them, but if you're feeling more adventurous it could be worth having a win double as it can be only a matter of time before Baker turns the tables in these ongoing battles.
I'm not the biggest guy, and I play the percentages.
The way thar Stoke play the percentages there was always the chance they could pinch something and they did.
We were disappointed to lose at Glasgow because we had hoped for an unbeaten pre-season, but it was more important to work on several things rather than perhaps play the percentages we would have done had the result been vital.
Collins said: 'The number of times I was told before games to get the ball into the corners and play the percentages was unbelievable.
Wharfedale are a side who play the percentages, who have a good home record and don't lose by many to anybody.