play out

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  • verb

Synonyms for play out

perform or be performed to the end

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play to a finish

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become spent or exhausted

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Incorporate play outs or role plays (let everyone know that what they are about to see are enactments, not the real thing); brainstorm lists of signs and symptoms; make time for discussion of contributing factors (what other factors may be relevant or unique in your camp setting?
I should have let the game play out in the first inning, but I got too aggressive,'' he said.
The site, with its look and feel of that of an app, offers features like Social Discovery, Online Radio, Music Recommendation The site has seen 397 million song play outs so far.
The play outs such men, but it doesn't demonize them.
For more than 30 years, Los Angeles-based Pacific Television Center has been a leading transmission and live production provider to the global broadcast industry, offering its clients around-the-clock support and services in fiber connectivity, satellite coordination, receive and records, multi-format tape play outs, live shots, satellite media tours and voiceovers.