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a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio


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Bon Jovi's It's My Life and a cover of Oasis' Champagne Supernova were also part of his play list, which for some time at least punctured the gloom.
I don't think Cliff has often made it onto our play list but I'm sure he's made the odd appearance over the years.
Now play lists , the little -known restrictions governing what you hear on your favourite station, have taken a step into the spotlight, A DJ can't just turn up and play his favourite record, as Tony Blackburn recently found out when he was temporarily suspended from Classic Gold for playing some of Cliff Richard's hits.
The play list supposedly was passed on to the Packers before their game.
It also topped a play list at a station in Socorro, N.
The OpenVision([c]) SRM supports targeted Ad insertion by providing the play list to the video server for both VOD features, promotions and Ads.
Through ongoing development of MT1, an additional feature will be launched whereby users will be able to create a play list of chapters, to organize and sort large manuscripts.
With other programming like Dedicate Live and the new text-tv block, fuse's young viewers use these devices to shape the play list, download music, play games and have their opinions appear on the screen during broadcasts.
It will also feature guest DJs and their recommended play lists.
The new application, with an easy-to-use Palm-customized user interface, offers customers more options for sorting music and making play lists.
The system, created by Birkenhead firm RedTen Audio, gives people the ability to select and play tracks and create their own play lists of their favourite music.
Their single Hungry is on national play lists and gaining massive reaction in Ireland as well as A-list air play in Liverpool.
A trial is to be hosted of the voice-activated Internet browsing service in Europe, for which several radio stations will link their play lists to the Boxman music catalogue, allowing people to dial a specified telephone number and browse through recently played songs as well as obtain further information and purchase products.