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BEIRUT: Opposition figures Monday sought to play down the defection of a 60-man rebel group in the Damascus suburbs to the regime side over the weekend.
But May and her Whitehall fiefdom must answer explosive questions about what they knew after what looks like an orchestrated conspiracy to play down Woolf 's social links with Lord Brittan and his wife.
With conservative critics having taken offence to the designs, as well as to the presence of unrelated men at the show, House of Fashion president Javad Shirazi sought to play down the incident.
Commercial banks in Netherlands are trying to play down the exposure they have to the mortgage sector.
Security officials in southern Lebanon met on Monday with a number of Muslim and Christian spiritual leaders to urge them to calm both Christians and Muslims down and to play down the significance of the leaflets.
Don''t play down by the railway, you''ve all heard yourmumand dad say Don''t play down by the railway, you might not come home one day.
TOM DALEY'S coach has moved to play down expectations of the teenager claiming a medal at the Beijing Olympics.
It is a very forward-orientated game they play down there, and I think that should stand me in good stead.
As usual, some Catholics tried to play down the Pope's admonition, such as Professor Michael Higgins (see footnote 1 p.
From applying just enough makeup to accentuate one's best features and play down one's worst features without overdoing it, to dressing in a stylish yet professional manner, watching one's verbal and nonverbal communication behaviors and eliminating bad habits, Success in 30 Seconds offers a wealth of easily internalized tips, tricks, and techniques.